Bob Aylward

Senior Advisor


Based in Charlotte, Bob Aylward is a Senior Advisor to Allen Austin and its leadership team.

Allen Austin conducted an organizational health index (OHI) for Quiddity Engineering during the summer of 2014 and a subsequent retained search that resulted in Bob being placed as President & CEO on January 1, 2015.

Bob retired from Quiddity on January 1, 2023, after nearly tripling Quiddity’s revenues and EBITDA and building a culture which has become the envy of most. When Bob took over as CEO, there were a myriad of problems that had been preventing the engineering consulting firm from achieving its full potential.

Known as a consummate servant leader, Bob is known for enabling passionate teams and driving peak performance cultures. He is a master at assessing organizational strengths and weaknesses, building cohesive leadership teams, and ensuring continuity of communications from the boardroom to the job site.

Bob’s book The Leadership Alchemist, Secrets to Organizational Renewal and Inspired Influence is an easy-to-read handbook that should be on the corner of every senior leader’s desk. As senior advisor, Bob advises us on solutions crafted for key clients, many of which are crafted and based on Bob’s proven approach.

Bob enjoys family activities, golf, and being a mentor and instructor for young people and nonprofits. He is the director of the Aylward Family Foundation, an organization that provides grants to charitable organizations that help at-risk families and children. He has also served as Chair of the Aids Orphans Education Trust Fund, and Instructor to Helping Up Mission.