June 10, 2024

Allen Austin Partners with Stress Engineering Services, a Unique ESOP Firm, in Inaugural Board of Directors Engagement

By mtownsend@allenaustin.com

Allen Austin, a leading management consulting firm renowned for its 30-year-old ForesightTM retained search process, collaborative approach, and commitment to excellence, is pleased to announce the successful completion of a board engagement for Stress Engineering Services Inc., to design and build its first fiduciary board of directors. The incoming board was carefully designed to bring the right directors together to advise management on matters of strategy, culture, organizational performance, and specific market sector penetration.

Founded 52 years ago, Stress Engineering Services Inc. (SES) stands out as an industry leader in multidisciplinary technical solutions. What sets SES apart is its status as an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) firm, reflecting a commitment to shared ownership and employee empowerment. SES’s ESOP structure aligns incentives, fosters a culture of collaboration, and drives superior performance. SES is a powerful brand and is known around the world for solving the most complex engineering problems for its clients.

As part of this landmark board engagement, Allen Austin is proud to introduce the newly appointed external independent directors, and internal directors, who bring a wealth of experience, industry knowledge and leadership expertise to the SES boardroom:

  • Bob Callahan: With over three decades of experience as a strategic and visionary Chief Human Resources Officer, Callahan brings a wealth of knowledge in driving business performance, fostering employee engagement, and cultivating organizational excellence. He has served as the Chief Human Resources Officer at Powell Industries, Inc. since 2010, concurrently holding the position of Chief Information Officer since 2019.
  • Tim Igo: Recognized for his strategic foresight and operational prowess, Igo boasts a career spanning more than twenty-four years in consulting. He specializes in facilitating business process enhancements, implementing data-driven decision systems, and deploying IT solutions to support organizational objectives, particularly during periods of corporate restructuring and transition.
  • David King: With extensive experience in both the Aerospace and Defense industry and governmental sectors, King brings a unique perspective to the boardroom. As the former CEO of Dynetics, he oversaw operations exceeding $1 billion in revenue, demonstrating proficiency in team building, strategic planning, and navigating complex organizational landscapes.
  • Chris Miller: Miller’s background as an executive adept at orchestrating strategy and operations across global business units is a valuable addition to the board. Noteworthy for his expertise in consulting, engineering, and program management, he has a proven track record of establishing and scaling business units to meet the evolving needs of diverse markets.
  • Kimberly O. Flesner: Flesner is Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at SES. Flesner’s skill set developed over 40+ years in forensic engineering and large-scale accident investigation, combined with her 25 years’ experience at SES, give her a unique perspective in understanding and optimizing SES’s business and financial models. She was also part of the Board committee implementing the company’s transformation to 100% ESOP ownership.
  • Harbi Pordal: Pordal is Senior Vice President and a 24-year SES employee. Harbi has significant work experience in engineering and business management. In 2000, he joined Stress Engineering Services, Inc. as a Principal, providing technical solutions for product development, root cause investigation, and cost reduction. Harbi provides strategic leadership for personnel and quality management, identifies growth initiatives, and improves organizational efficiency.
  • Jack E. Miller:  Over his 40+ years with Stress Engineering, Miller’s technical work focused on the development of mechanical equipment such as deep-water pipeline connectors and downhole tools. He also developed expertise at numerical simulation of transient dynamic mechanical and fluid systems. Miller’s management assignments started in 1999 when he took over management of the H.O. Mohr Research and Engineering acquisition and he became president of Stress Engineering in January 2015.
  • Jeffery S. Christman:  Also joining the board in an advisory, non-fiduciary role, Jeff has over 30 years of CFO experience and he has served in roles from CFO to Managing Director of firms with varied business models. His expertise covers the full range of financial operations including Mergers and Acquisitions and private equity operations.  His existing ongoing engagement with Stress will provide the Board with objective insights into the financial operations of the Company.

This milestone underscores Allen Austin’s unwavering dedication to delivering tailored leadership solutions that address the distinctive requirements of its clients. With an acute awareness of the evolving business landscape and the pivotal role of effective board governance, Allen Austin remains at the forefront of excellence in executive search and leadership advisory services.

“We are confident that the addition of these accomplished professionals to our Board of Directors will fortify our governance framework and position Stress Engineering Services, Inc. for sustained success,” remarked Jack Miller, CEO of Stress Engineering Services, Inc.

For more information about Allen Austin and its leadership advisory services, visit www.allenaustin.com. To learn more about Stress Engineering Services Inc. and its unique ESOP structure, visit https://www.stress.com/.