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Vanguard Leadership Dynamics

Vanguard Leadership Dynamics

Every organization depends on the ability of its leaders at every level to deliver a leadership message that gets people out of the stands and into the game. Vanguard Leadership Dynamics (VLD) is a proprietary methodology, in development since 1992, that teaches leaders from the boardroom to the shop floor practical tools for moving people into action.

When leaders pretend to lead, people pretend to engage. VLD provides a laboratory for leaders to learn and develop authentic communication skills, and to drop habits that may be hindering employee engagement and business performance. Participants learn that it is not about charisma, charm or degrees, but about genuine communication.

VLD teaches managers the three essential keys to enrollment and the nine core elements of an effective message. Participants learn to be authentic and to engage their constituents so they believe what they are saying, know where they are going, and know there is something in it for them.

In our workshop, participants learn how to craft and deliver multiple versions of their core message to their fellow participants. When leaders stand in front of a room, people know whether they are being authentic. It is the ultimate, real-time learning experience.

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