November 9, 2023

TPL Insights #196 – Our Quarterly Reminder

By Rob Andrews

By Rob Andrews

Every elite athlete has a coach, and so do I. My coach has recommended we take one blog post per quarter to remind you why you should call Allen Austin when considering your executive search, leadership development, culture shaping, interim executive, executive coaching, or team retreat needs. Here are a few salient points about Allen Austin that I hope you’ll find helpful.

  1. We are in the relationship business and laser focused on helping our clients achieve clarity around their strategic and tactical objectives. We then help them realize those objectives.
  2. We are innovators and disruptors in an industry that hasn’t innovated in over 100 years. Our 25-year-old battle tested ForesightTM process is the most effective search process of which we are aware.
  3. We boast an industry best 92% placement retention rate at the 2-year mark and a 97% offer acceptance ratio, compared to the overall results for the retained search industry of 55% & 70% respectively.
  4. Our Total Performance Leadership study and architecture brings exceptional intelligence on what the highest performing organizations across a broad range of sectors are doing to build strong cultures, hire and retain the best talent, and outperform their competitors. This formal study of organizations that perform at the very top of their sectors and the principles practiced that enable their peak performance began in 2012. Companies include Home Depot (under Marcus, Langone, and Blank), Southwest Airlines (under Kelleher and Kelly) Pappas Brothers Restaurants (under Harris Pappas), Randalls (under Bob Onstad), QuikTrip, Wawa, Sheetz, Nordstrom, Wegman’s, H-E-B, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Walt Disney Entertainment, SuperQuinn, Waste Connections, Panera Bread (under Ron Shaich), Costco, The Container Store, and more. We have designed straightforward diagnostics to assess organizational health and prescribe real world solutions and a road map to a culture of peak performance. We call this TPL (Total Performance LeadershipTM ).
  5. We draw from an array of proprietary tools and partnerships with CliftonStrengths, Blueprint Toolset, Hogan, Predictive Index and many more, yet every leadership engagement is custom crafted to help you achieve your overall objectives. We don’t do cookie-cutter solutions.
  6. We have one of the most powerful interim executive, fractional officer, and project consulting practices around, that provides a degree of flexibility and speed most consulting firms don’t have.

I’ve attached several documents for your review I hope you will find useful. Included are:

  1. Allen Austin Overview – A comprehensive collateral piece describing our offerings
  2. Search Firm Questionnaire – Designed to assess search firms, including ours!
  3. Search Spec Maverik CEO – Example of a search spec
  4. A brief description of Total Performance Leadership
  5. The Total Performance Leadership Resource Guide
  6. Chet Cadieux, CEO of QuikTrip on Total Performance Leadership
  7. Work Product Example Packet
  8. Reference Audit Example (Marty Jimmerson)
  9. The Foresight Search Process
  10. The Book – High Performance Human Capital Leadership

Thanks for being a part of our community and we look forward to serving you in the future.

Warmest Regards,