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The Foresight™ Process

Needs Analysis, Strategy, & Position Specification

Approx. 5-10 Days

  • Needs Analysis Conducted
  • Search Strategy (Road Map) Developed
  • Comprehensive Search Specification Delivered
  • Client Documents Approved
Recruiting, Market Review, Assessments & References

Approx. 21-45 Days

  • Partner Level Recruiting and Evaluation, Market Review and Reporting
  • 4Cs Candidate Assessments
  • Work History Report
  • Profiles Assessments
  • 360o Reference Audits
Candidate Packages, Background Checks, Closing & Follow-up

Approx. 15-20 Days

  • Comprehensive Candidate Presentation Packages, Follow-up
  • Comprehensive Backgrounds Investigations
  • Deal Closing Focused On
  • Win-Win Scenarios, Negotiations and Logistics
  • Follow-up & Executive On-Boarding Process for 2 Years

The Foresight™ search process is summarized below and can be streamlined according to your needs:

  1. Foresight™ Needs Analysis We make no assumptions about your company. Done properly, this step sets the stage for a successful search and placement. We ask questions most do not: Culture, values, mission, unspoken valued behaviors, political environment, leadership attributes, management abilities, the opportunities now and in the future, specific performance expectations, and location―the works.
  2. Allen Austin Cultural Assessment Our assessment of your company’s culture is imperative to the bigger picture. In particular, the assessment explores two critical questions: How strong is the culture? To what extent does the culture support company agility? The underlying assumption, supported by research, is that in a fluid and rapidly changing business environment, both clarity and flexibility are needed. The respondents are coached to answer the questions regarding the current state of the company, as opposed to their desired culture.
  3. Develop Search Strategy (Road Map) We establish a true partnership as your trusted advisor. Smooth search execution requires a partnership between the consultant and the client. We develop a comprehensive search strategy in concert with our clients’ needs and keep them informed throughout the entire process.
  4. Develop Position Description The position or job description is the least complicated part of the process. However, although necessary, this alone is insufficient as a comprehensive search specification.
  5. Develop Company Positioning (Employment Branding) We recognize that all companies have an employment brand. The company positioning should include the most salient and current elements of the company’s story, mission, and objectives. This requires more than cutting and pasting verbiage from the company website.
  6. Develop Opportunity Positioning Establish a clear and compelling statement about the opportunity. Be crystal clear here. We are usually in the business of extracting needles from haystacks and wooing successful, happily employed “A” players into new positions. There must be a story to tell and a compelling reason why each candidate should make the move that we are suggesting.
  7. Develop Location Positioning Paint a compelling, yet realistic picture of the position location. Moving an executive and his or her family to a new city can be tricky. Done properly, this step may dispel preconceived notions a candidate may have about a new city. A chamber of commerce view of the city will many times make all the difference.
  8. Develop Performance Expectations Focus on the doing, not just having. A focus on four-to-five key deliverables, complete with performance specifics and timetables, can do wonders to zero in on the best candidates.
  9. Candidate Sourcing We conduct fresh, original, and targeted research for each assignment, including in-depth direct sourcing of target companies and organizations, as well as company charts and mapping of similar or complementary entities. A vibrant, dynamic approach to sourcing candidates, rather than depending on a heavily-taped contacts file, is our hallmark.
  10. Cast the Widest Possible Net Utilize the full resources of the firm to cast the widest possible net. Allen Austin Partners work together and provide assistance wherever possible on every search. When our clients retain one of our partners, they employ 20+ search professionals, the total network capability of the firm, and a comprehensive approach to electronic databases and job sites.
  11. Initial Candidate Contact, Recruiting & Development We work the list in its entirety, uncovering and exploring every possible lead. At Allen Austin, our partners make all of the initial contacts and develop relationships with all candidates destined to make the final cut. We do not delegate these critical phone calls to junior-level consultants or researchers. Partner-level execution makes a huge difference at Allen Austin.
  12. Collection & Evaluation of Candidate Profiles Allen Austin proactively identifies and approaches individuals whose experience, credentials, skills, and accomplishments are appropriate for the position. We procure resumes and accumulate the largest possible pool before the evaluation process begins. Subsequently, we utilize a numeric scoring system and telephone interviews to narrow the field to a suitable group of semi-finalists.
  13. Foresight™ 4C Candidate Assessment The Allen Austin Foresight™ 4C Candidate Assessment is a proprietary assessment tool designed to assess “fit” for a specific client with a specific opportunity and specific performance expectations. This instrument is extremely useful in assessing a candidate’s thinking and writing style, responsiveness, ability to lead in situations specific to the position, values, career objectives, strengths, and weaknesses. This instrument is a key element in ensuring acceptance of offers extended; it also causes candidates to self-select out of the process if they do not feel up to the task.
  14. Evaluation of 4C Results & Formulation of Semi-Finalists Following the receipt and analysis of information obtained by all of the above tools and processes, we filter the prospects to a short list of potential candidates.
  15. Face-to-Face Interview After analyses have been conducted, our partner team conducts in-person interviews with each semi-finalist candidate (or via high-definition video conference as budget, time, and travel restrictions may dictate). Each interview is customized to target information specific to the position and data revealed in the Needs Analysis, Cultural Assessment, 4Cs, and initial referencing from referral sources, if applicable. This meeting serves as an opportunity to gain additional depth surrounding leadership processes, insight on a respondent’s industry intelligence, and clarification on any ambiguities present in the assessments administered prior to the interview. Information obtained from the interview is included in the executive summary (with aggregate results data) of the final report.
  16. Conduct Allen Austin Foresight™ 360° Reference Audits The Allen Austin Foresight™ 360° Reference Audits are always conducted in advance of candidate presentations. We speak candidly to two superiors, two peers, and two subordinates for 25 minutes each on average. These audits are not conducted as a formality or afterthought but as a critically-important aspect of discovery in order to ensure the candidates is a fit. Six references at different levels allow us to see patterns in a particular candidate’s propensities, strengths, and weaknesses. Clients see names, titles, and relationship information, as well as full reference disclosure. Output is not tied directly to individual contributors.
  17. Psychometric Testing with Allen Austin Profile XT (Optional) Profile XT is a versatile, online “Total Person” assessment used for employee selection, development, training, promotion, managing, and succession planning. The assessment measures how well an individual fits a specific job in your organization. Employing a unique “job matching” methodology, the Profile XT allows for a more effective evaluation of an individual, relative to the traits needed to successfully perform a particular job. It measures twenty performance indicators, thinking and reasoning, behavioral traits, and interests.
  18. Finalist Candidate Presentation Summaries Presentation packets are comprehensive. Clients see candidate profiles, executive summaries, 4Cs assessments, career/work histories, optional psychometric test results, global background checks (although optional, highly recommended), and 360° Reference Audits.
  19. Prepare Candidate and Clients & Arrange Interview Logistics Allen Austin handles all logistics to ensure a smooth interview process. Each decision-maker involved in the interviewing process receives a full candidate presentation packet for each candidate in advance of the face-to-face meeting.
  20. Debrief Candidates & Clients Post Interview Upon completion of the interviewing process, we will work closely with you in developing the strategy of an offer for the selected candidate.
  21. Make and Secure Verbal Offer & Establish Start Date We typically make the offer and secure a verbal acceptance before a formal offer letter is delivered. We also assist in any post-offer logistics, including relocation and all other transition issues. We maintain at least weekly contact with the successful candidate through the actual start date and provide objective feedback on compensation package, arbitration/negotiation, and follow-through to ensure a successful transition for the candidate.
  22. Follow-Up We follow up with placements and clients after one week, 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days, and then we follow up quarterly for the first year and annually thereafter.
  23. Order Comprehensive Background Checks: Candidate background checks include criminal history in all fifty states, International if necessary, Full Credit Check, Social Security Check, Verification of employment dates, Educational Credentials and more. Background checks are conducted by Peregrine Solutions and average $500 per candidate.
  24. Debrief Candidates & Clients Post Interview: Upon completion of the interviewing process, we will work closely with HCC in developing the strategy of an offer for the selected candidate.
  25. Make & Secure Verbal Offer and Establish Start Date: We typically make the offer and secure a verbal acceptance before a formal offer letter is delivered.  We then assist in any and all logistics issues including the physical move and all other transition issues. We provide objective feedback on compensation package, arbitration/negotiation, and follow through to ensure a successful transition for the candidate.
  26. Written Offer Goes Out Electronically and Via Hard Mail
  27. Signed Offer Letter Is Transmitted Back Immediately
  28. Review and Approve Candidate’s Letter of Resignation
  29. Candidate Resigns and Begins Work Two Weeks Later
  30. Follow Up with Candidate At least Twice a Week Until Start Date
  31. On-Boarding Assistance and Resources (both client and candidate resources)
  32. Post Search Follow-Up with Successful Candidate and Client at Week One, Month 1, Month 3, Quarterly For First Year And Annually Thereafter
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