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Andrew T. Gardener CFP

Andrew T. Gardener CFP

When Tanglewood Legacy Advisors engaged Allen Austin for a retained search I expected just that. What we received was so much more.

John Dennis

[Allen Austin’s] approach is different than the big three or four firms, and they deliver a much more hands-on experience led by senior executives.

Bob Aylward

I have had the opportunity to engage with a number of different recruiting firms over my career and have to say that I thought the experience with Allen Austin was exceptional.

Brian Truelove

Tom was not just a consultant; he was a member of our team. I very much appreciate the impact Tom had a me as a leader, and the impact he had on our performance for Hess.

Jim Eggleston

Allen Austin is pound-for-pound the best executive search firm that I dealt with over a 40-year career — no contest.