Coco Bo

Chief Happiness Officer
Houston, Texas (Corporate Office)


Based in the Houston office, Coco Bo is Allen Austin’s Chief Happiness Officer. “Bo” leads Allen Austin’s global “have fun at work” practice.

Originally from Christmas, Florida, Bo came to Allen Austin in April (via plane and nanny) to assume his new position. Building on his experience of social butterfly, he regularly checks in on all partners and staff giving kisses & hugs. A former top designer dog, Bo helps the office de-stress, keeping everyone in smile-mode with his funny antics. Responsibilities include running the halls, checking all food for safety prior to anyone eating, alerting everyone that someone new has entered the premises, playing with his toys (preferably the squeaky, noisy ones), keeping the floors clean, and occasionally napping under the desks.

Looking like a cross between a PLUSH toy and a Swiffer mop, Bo assists employees in taking regular breaks, even small ones, to keep them focused and productive but, more importantly, healthy.

Bo has not yet finished school but is looking forward to his continuing education (Grrrrrrrrrr).

Bo also has a big brother, Bentley, who is teaching Bo everything he knows while focusing on barking and growling.