Bayli Shvartzapel

Executive Assistant to the CEO
Houston, Texas (Corporate Office)


Bayli Shvartzapel serves as the Executive Assistant to the CEO at Allen Austin. She dedicates her efforts to fostering collaborative relationships between Allen Austin and its clientele. Through her dedication, she cultivates an environment where both the company and its clients thrive, achieving shared goals and forging lasting partnerships.

Before starting at Allen Austin, Bayli served as the Customer Experience Manager at Porsche River Oaks and became a Porsche Brand Ambassador. She ensured positive customer interactions by analyzing feedback, implementing improvements, and developing strategies for enhanced satisfaction. Bayli also collaborated across departments to align processes and policies with customer needs.

Beyond her professional role, Bayli enjoys travel, off-roading adventures, and cherishing moments with family and friends. She is deeply engaged in the Houston community and delights in attending galas, charity events, and fundraisers.