Emotional Intelligence & Success Attitudes Development (EISPD)

A much needed leadership training program designed to teach your leaders how to develop the attitude and emotional intelligence necessary for outstanding career trajectory. Your leaders at all levels will learn how to act their way in to right thinking. Much like the golf swing, they’ll learn how what feels natural is often times counterproductive. As part of the leadership training, your leaders will learn critically important coping skills that will enable them to navigate even the most turbulent waters without losing your cool, focus and composure.

Leadership Training – EISAD Modules:

  • Serve willingly or not at all. Never play the martyr
  • Live your life and do your job with purpose
  • Read, study and improve your capacity
  • Smile, watch your manners and be a genuinely nice person
  • Learn that honesty without compassion can be abuse
  • Always place gratitude ahead of pride
  • Realism is overrated.
  • Watch your manners
  • Operate with integrity
  • Realize you can make a big difference
  • Never make excuses or complain to peers or subordinates
  • It isn’t what you don’t know that kills you; it’s what you absolutely know; is, that isn’t