Culture Shaping: Applying Principles of Total Performance Leadership (PTLP)

Your leaders at all levels, will learn the principles (not taught in mainstream business schools) practiced in organizations that significantly outperform their competition, and why only 3% of organizations realize their full potential. Leadership training includes learning how those rare organizations of all types, practice principles that engage their stakeholders, attract, retain and engage the best and brightest, and deliver exceptional shareholder returns.

Leadership Training – PTPL Modules:

  • Assemble and develop a cohesive leadership team.
  • Discover a purpose greater than just making money.
  • Develop and instill a vision and strategy that resonates with and engages All stakeholders, including frontline employees and customers.
  • Drive the business with strategy, values and standards vs. confining policies, procedures and rules.
  • Be deliberate about culture and hire the people with the right DNA.
  • Communicate with clarity to all levels of the organization and ensure effective upward communications flow.
  • Aggressively remove cost from the business where the customer can’t feel it.
  • Measure what matters including cultural imperatives, leadership and communications effectiveness and customer delight.
  • Celebrate successes and share credit with all stakeholders.
  • Never take success for granted, exhibit healthy paranoia and always strive for improvement.