Career Advancement Program (CAP)

A powerful leadership training and coaching program designed to teach your leaders at all levels how to navigate your corporate landscape, maximize contribution and advance. Your leaders will learn why seemingly average individuals climb the corporate ladder, make tons of money and have loads of fun doing it. They will also learn why many fabulously brilliant, superbly educated wannabe superstars struggle to excel and/or implode altogether. A major serendipity of this leadership training program is driving desired behavior in a manner that aligns the interests of the enterprise with the individual leader.

Leadership Training – CAP Modules:

  • Your career development is your responsibility
  • Learn what servant leadership really means
  • Get your boss promoted
  • Find your mentors
  • Identify your value contribution
  • Discover what drives your business
  • Become a service fanatic
  • Discover what 5 things you have to do every day
  • Look for opportunities to excel, contribute, volunteer, participate
  • Always take solutions to your boss when taking problems
  • Look for opportunities to set agendas
  • Develop relationship capital