Allen Austin’s Leadership Advisory Services are based on Total Performance Leadership (TPL), which is a journey that will never end. It is our study of organizations that perform at the very top of their sectors, and the principles at work that enable them to outperform their competitors by at least 35%. The principles include Unified Leadership, Disciplined Human Capital Practices, Leading with Purpose, Engaging All Stakeholder Groups, Measuring what Matters, Customer Experience, Cost Leadership, Clarity in Everything, and Staying Ahead of the Curve.

Our leadership development and coaching services:

  • Include a highly effective, results-based approach to advising, coaching, and developing leaders at all levels.
  • Teach leaders how the mind works and how to get rid of old limiting paradigms and lock on to new possibilities.
  • Help leaders think in terms of what’s possible, staying in the solution rather than the problem.
  • Provide one-on-one coaching emphasizing clear contracting, accountability, achieving measurable results, and developing exceptional leadership skills.
  • Result in accelerated career growth and job promotions for our clients.


Allen Austin has been leading in retained executive search for more than 27 years. Allen Austin has built its business by focusing on helping clients achieve their objectives. Approximately 85% of the search engagements have been for C-suite and board positions. The placement retention rate and offer acceptance ratios place Allen Austin at the top of its industry. With awards from FORBES, Houston Business Journal, and other publications, Allen Austin remains the top choice for several companies in Houston and around the world.


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