Finding and retaining top leadership and board talent can be a strategic game-changer. We understand that conducting a retained search that produces a great result and delivers sustained value requires more than sector experience and a cursory review of critical success factors within a client system. In an industry that hasn’t innovated in a hundred years, we’ve been in relentless pursuit of “doing it better” since our beginning. We practice retained search as it was originally intended: As a specialized form of management consulting, not a transactional exercise of filling seats in a vacuum.

Our proprietary Foresight™ process is an evidence-based search methodology designed to ensure the best possible match, resulting in 97% offer acceptance, 92% retention at the two-year mark, and significantly higher engagement levels. Our clients rely on us as trusted advisors, to assist them in determining exactly who and what they are looking for, and why. As a leader in executive search services, we provide the optimal search strategy, fully transparent reporting, candor even when it is not convenient, due diligence at the highest levels, an unprecedented guarantee, and aftercare past the point of placement.

The Foresight Process

  • 92% placement retention rate at the 2-year mark & a 97% offer/acceptance ratio-performance metrics superior to industry averages of 55% and 70% respectively
  • 100% follow through on over 4,000 retained engagements having never abandoned an uncompleted assignment in twenty-seven years
  • A sourcing strategy, utilizing original research, big data and powerful predictive analytics, designed to bring the best talent available to the table, surfacing hidden talent NOT on the radar screen of the search community at large
  • A full two-year guarantee on all executive placements above $250,000 in total cash compensation
  • On-boarding assistance and follow through for a period of not less than one year. Aftercare is a key component of our relationship-driven model
  • A focus on lasting, long-term, value-added relationships vs. transactional order taking, fulfilling our purpose of enhancing the lives and effectiveness of our clients
  • Commitment to partner-level execution of mission-critical activities including candidate contact, candidate evaluation, due diligence, and reference audits
  • An Organizational and Position Needs Analysis resulting in comprehensive understanding, specification and roadmap, reflecting specific performance expectations and critical success factors in our client’s unique culture and environment
  • A candidate self-appraisal that compels less than ideal candidates to self-select out of specific search scenarios in which the fit is less than ideal
  • A 360° Reference Audit process that effectively reveals true strengths, weaknesses, proclivities, and fit indicators of all short-listed candidates before they are presented to you


Allen Austin has been leading in retained executive search for more than 27 years. Allen Austin has built its business by focusing on helping clients achieve their objectives. Approximately 85% of the search engagements have been for C-suite and board positions. The placement retention rate and offer acceptance ratios place Allen Austin at the top of its industry. With awards from FORBES, Houston Business Journal, and other publications, Allen Austin remains the top choice for several companies in Houston and around the world.


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