Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is not a project to be completed but a sound business strategy and a journey of continued evolutionary refinement. When we draw on the collective wisdom of a workforce that reflects the stakeholders we serve, we are better able to comprehend and meet the needs of our constituents.

To make an organization truly diverse, make better decisions, and drive innovation, organizations must learn to appreciate and harvest the knowledge and experience of individuals with different ethnicities, backgrounds, and viewpoints. Inclusiveness is a mindset and a competency which needs to be developed and acted upon by all executives to realize diversity’s strategic power.

Companies serving global markets are already actively building cohesive cross-cultural teams. But even companies at the cutting edge of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion know there is much work to be done.

Augmenting your organization’s diversity needs through comprehensive executive search and leadership advisory makes sense given the current competitive global marketplace. Our partners are committed to taking specific steps to ensure we present a diverse slate of candidates on every assignment for our clients as well as successfully:

  • Before taking on any engagement, we discuss the realistic pool of diverse candidates within a particular discipline or industry.
  • In our search efforts, we advise individuals with whom we come into contact that we are seeking a diverse slate of potentials.
  • We take an active role in participating with and supporting professional associations and organizations that help us expand our knowledge of access to diverse candidate pools.

We firmly believe that a widely diverse workforce and an inclusive environment will improve individual and organizational performance, and yield far more value to customers, clients, and other stakeholders. Numbers alone do not make an organization diverse and inclusive. The real measure is the degree to which your culture encourages people to value the strengths and ideas of those who are in some way different from themselves.

More than ever, winning companies are addressing the issue of workforce diversity as a major component of their business strategy. Allen Austin is committed to a policy of equal opportunity and affirmative action within its ranks and extends this principle to our practice of executive recruiting.

Allen Austin stands by the belief that providing employment opportunity is not only the law; it is a socially and economically desirable business practice. We do not discriminate between prospective candidates by race, creed, color, sex, age, national origin, disability or other status and we seek to be inclusive in all of these areas in our executive search and leadership advisory efforts. Our approaches are often tailored to meet our client’s specific requests, and we are happy to work with your diversity officers to address any specific compliance issues.


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