The pressure for boards to up their game and add value continues to climb amid increased pressure from investors and stakeholders. In for-profit companies and nonprofit organizations, the board of directors’ responsibilities goes beyond traditional governance and oversight. Today, boards are expected to provide strategic guidance, help shape culture, and hold management accountable for improving performance and sustainability. Board of directors assessments have proven to be highly effective in helping build high performing boards capable of meeting the evolving standards of corporate governance and becoming true strategic assets.

Board of Directors – Leadership Consulting

Our board of directors services includes an assessment methodology that addresses the specific governance model and circumstances of each organization to identify opportunities to remove obstacles to better performance and enhance existing strengths. Our services and assessments examine a range of factors impacting board performance such as board leadership and culture, structure and composition, processes, director onboarding and development, debate and strategic input, the relationship between the board and management, crisis and conflict management, succession planning, and communicating with shareholders and other key stakeholders. Using the assessment results, our board advisors work directly with the board and senior management to help facilitate the implementation of specific improvement measures.


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