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Retained Search at a Glance

 Excerpts from the Chief Executive Magazine article titled “What Causes CEO Failure,” March 29 2012: According to some studies, up to a third of U.S. CEOs last less than two years, with top executive failure rates as high as 75 percent and rarely less than 30 percent. According to the Harvard Business Review, two out of five new CEOs fail in their first 18 months on the job. Further research shows the same pattern globally. CEOs and senior executives are routinely hired on the basis of their drive, IQ and resume. They’re fired for lack of emotional intelligence, poor people decisions, cluelessness and being totally out of touch with their workforces and customers.

Excerpts from the Business Insider Magazine article titled “Why We All Hate Consultants,” February 2010

We need consultants, but they do three things that suck. They tell us what we already (should) know. They leave. Consultants create their answers, and then leave. Well, usually they create PowerPoint (and if you hire McKinsey, then you pay a minimum of a $1M for those beautiful slides) that communicate their answer. There’s little transfer of information and the understanding of the situation has rarely transferred. In the best cases, they communicate the big idea but don’t have the detailed conversations that cause shared understanding. They leave us with the “big idea” and we don’t know how to make it real. We have a great strategy but because of the way it was formed (they went off and thought about it and came back with an answer), we can’t execute it. Or they don’t. When consultants stay on, they are creating a co-dependency on them. We need them because we don’t hold the understanding of what matters and why. They do. And so we need them. Most consulting firms can’t do knowledge transfer as part of their business, because that’s how they make money.

At Allen Austin, we practice Retained Search as it was intended, as a specialized form of management consulting, utilizing the ONLY 22 year old, evidence-based, and proprietary process in existence, shown to produce unprecedented results for our clients. We practice Strategic Transformation with sustainability in mind. We are teaching researchers and former C Suite operators offering solutions that produce unprecedented results. Our purpose, quite literally, is to enhance the lives and effectiveness of our associates, clients and leaders of the world. This purpose and orientation toward relationships cause our management consultants to act in the best interest of our clients, as well as all of our stakeholders. We’re trying to change the world for the better, not just ring our cash register. Everything we do in your organization is designed with the transparency and knowledge transfer necessary to produce permanent solutions. We’re trying to change the world for the better, not just ring our cash register.


The 24+ year-old, evidence-based, battle-tested, proprietary Allen Austin Foresight™ Process:


  1. 92% placement retention rate at the 2 year mark, a 97% offer/acceptance ratio, performance metrics superior to industry averages of 55% and 70% respectively
  2. 100% follow through on over 3,600 retained engagements…having never abandoned an uncompleted assignment in twenty-two years
  3. A full two year guarantee on all executive placements above $225,000 in total cash compensation
  4. On-boarding assistance and follow through for a period of not less than two years. Aftercare is a key component of our relationship driven model
  5. A focus on lasting, long-term, value-added relationships vs. transactional order taking, fulfilling our purpose of enhancing the lives and effectiveness of our clients
  6. Commitment to partner-level execution of mission critical activities including candidate contact, candidate evaluation, due diligence and reference audits
  7. An Organizational and Position Needs Analysis resulting in comprehensive understanding, specification and roadmap, reflecting specific performance expectations and critical success factors in our client’s unique culture and environment
  8. A search strategy designed to bring the best talent available to the table, surfacing hidden talent NOT on the radar screen of the search community at large
  9. A candidate self-appraisal that compels less than ideal candidates to self- select out of specific search scenarios in which the fit is less than ideal

A 360 degree Reference Audit Process that effectively reveals true strengths, weaknesses, proclivities, and fit indicators of all short-listed candidates before they are presented to you.

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