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The Supply Chain and Logistics challenges, vulnerability and risks associated with globalization, geopolitical instability, volatility in consumer demand and preferences, complex regulatory requirements, extended manufacturer and supplier networks, and limited real-time inventory visibility and transparency create a major threat to business profitability and continuity. Outsourcing and offshoring have only served to extend supply chain cycle times, increasing supply chain vulnerability to disruptions involving key suppliers, contract manufacturers, service providers and, ultimately, customers. A break at any point in the supply chain can reduce a company’s revenue and market share, inflate costs, or threaten production, quality, distribution and customer satisfaction.

Supply Chain and Logistics companies must have the strategy, leadership and processes required to manage these challenges and risks, and to capitalize on the competitive opportunities they afford. To improve customer satisfaction and profitability, they must improve the breadth and quality of their service offerings, support customer’s multi-channel strategies from traditional retail to mobility enabled e-commerce, increase flexibility to adapt more quickly to unexpected changes and circumstances, develop real time information and transparency, automation and advanced technology solutions, reduce capital and operating costs, and reduce inventory while meeting demand.

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