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The cloud computing industry, or more specifically the Software as a Service (SaaS) market, has grown at an unprecedented rate since its introduction almost a couple of decades ago. Although introduced as a solution designed primarily for startups and small businesses, the technology experienced high adoption by large enterprises as well due to its low operation costs, excellent scalability, and quick deployments. However, the growth in the number of applications of SaaS is matched by the challenges and risks associated with it.

A Gartner survey of 525 organizations operating within 12 different industries revealed that businesses face a wide range of issues with SaaS deployment, ranging from network instability to incompatibility with the existing systems[1]. In addition, longer-than-estimated deployment cycles also plague the return on SaaS investments made by businesses.

While technology plays a critical role in a successful SaaS transition, most businesses fail to realize that it is not the only factor that makes a SaaS business model successful. From inadequately trained workforce to lack of governance and architectural challenges, there are a number of factors that can make transition to the cloud more troublesome and less productive. Businesses will need to adopt a multi-faceted strategy that focuses on training, architectural development, and technology investment.

Another major issue associated with SaaS adoption is that many companies share critical customer and corporate data with third-party providers, without realizing that there are definite security concerns they must be aware of. While SaaS providers are responsible for securing their networks, applications, and data, various government regulations, such as HIPPA, Gramm-Leach-Billey Act (GLBA), and PCI DSS together can make things messy and make a company liable for damage resulting from a security breach. The most effective way to address the problem is to find a reliable SaaS provider that uses advanced technologies to prevent unauthorized access to data. However, the process requires great strategic insight, technical expertise, and industry experience.

Allen Austin provides value-added executive search and leadership development solutions to SaaS providers, as well as businesses that are considering adopting cloud technology in order to leverage its cost, scalability, and accessibility benefits. Our objective is to enable clients to extract maximum value from their cloud computing investment by helping them hire competent leaders who have the right skill set, experience, and attitude to fuel their organization’s transition to the cloud.

As a leading executive search firm serving the talent needs of a diverse range of industries, we understand that in order to survive and thrive in today’s hypercompetitive environment, businesses need cross-functional leaders who can navigate through the increasingly complex cloud computing landscape and drive their company’s success. We help businesses recruit, retain, and develop such leaders using our proven methodologies and personalized approach towards retained executive search.

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