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Over the last decade, organizations operating within the public sector have undertaken significant measures in an attempt to make public services more agile, productive, and user-friendly. This transformation is driven by a combination of macroeconomic, social, and environmental factors that not only influence the performance of local and national organizations but also the way in which they are directed and managed.

Productivity issues are perhaps the biggest challenge faced by governmental organizations. Today’s well-informed user requires the government to offer quality health care, more effective social services, and better education with the same amount of taxes. What’s more, an increasing number of older adults has also strained already overburdened government programs including Medicare, compelling public sector leaders to seek innovative ways to do more with less. To overcome the challenge and improve productivity, public sector organizations should focus on reducing costs by transforming their frontline operations. Achieving this scale of change requires more efficient governance and leadership.

In addition to being productive, public sector organizations also need to become agile to meet the needs of users who expect public services to be comparable to the best in the private sector. While many local and state governments have already responded to the issue by improving access, choice, and personalization of public services, there is still a lot to be done.

The challenge of increased public accountability and media scrutiny is also facing public organizations and decision makers. They are being questioned about the effectiveness of their decisions, performance, and spending by users who have easy access to an unprecedented amount of information available on the internet.

Together, these trends and challenges have blurred the lines between public and private sectors. Many public sector organizations are following the footsteps of private enterprises to improve their productivity and agility. However, such major transformations warrant a complete transformation of the rigid, centralized public sector, and this cannot be achieved without effective leadership.

At Allen Austin, we work with public sector organizations that are eager for change and improve the way they work and interact with the public. We help governments and agencies address performance issues by recruiting the right C-suit talent that has the technical expertise and management capabilities to drive change and address sustainability challenges in an innovative and effective manner. We help public sector organizations achieve better results for themselves, as well as for their workers, citizens, and communities.

Having sound knowledge of how the public sector works and extensive hands-on experience in working with local and national organizations, we have the knowledge and insight required to deliver executive search and leadership development services that are tailored for the public sector.

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