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From demographical changes to tumultuous political dynamics and technological innovations, there are a number of factors that have not only influenced the way philanthropic organizations work but also how they compete for donor resources and attention. Of all these factors, changing demographics within the United States has left the most significant impact on charitable giving patterns.

Millennials, who are the nation’s largest living generation, are more likely to contribute to social causes than older generations. They see philanthropy as an investment and consider it to be an extension of their mission. While this constitutes an opportunity for the philanthropy sector, it is important to understand that today’s donor wants more control and transparency over their giving. They want to communicate with and work alongside charitable organizations to understand the impact of their contributions. Therefore, nonprofits are required to seek new means to expand the donor-nonprofit relationship and make philanthropic involvement easier and more convenient for donors.

In addition to the evolving giving habits of donors, technology has also transformed the way nonprofit organizations design and execute philanthropic campaigns and collect donations. From sophisticated e-commerce websites to social media platforms, there are several ways charitable organizations can leverage peer-to-peer fundraising and generate more revenue for their mission. However, to make the most of this opportunity, philanthropic businesses are required to invest in talent development and e-commerce tools.

Over the past few years, nonprofits and charities have been under immense media scrutiny for how they use donor resources to deliver their charitable commitment. Being under the media’s microscope means that philanthropic organizations are not only required to ensure compliance with all applicable rules and regulations but also need to improve the way they communicate their expenses to enhance public understanding and confidence.

At Allen Austin, we help nonprofit organizations function in a professional and sustainable manner by providing them the strategic insight and leadership they need to overcome challenges and leverage opportunities. We design and deliver bespoke leadership programs, helping nonprofits recruit, train, and retain executives who are capable of leading their organization in the right direction.

For over 20 years, Allen Austin has provided industry-specific leadership advisory and executive search services to a diverse range of nonprofit organizations. Our objective is to accelerate the philanthropic impact of organizations by helping them find the right people who are capable of managing and motivating a team, building coalitions, and leading change. To ensure this, our consultants work in close partnership with the client to gain an understanding of their operations and leadership needs and devise a strategy that can help them achieve their philanthropic goals today and tomorrow.

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