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New business opportunities are emerging as billions of people all across the world embrace the many benefits of mobile technology. As a result, enterprise mobility has emerged as a top trend globally.

Any organization that wants to stay competitive and seize the many opportunities offered by this new technology trend must employ a successful mobile strategy to establish ground rules regarding the use of mobile devices at the workplace, as well as to leverage technology to the company’s advantage.

The growing security risk posed by the popularity of BYOD trend is the primary reason why many leading companies are investing time, resources, and strategic thinking into enterprise mobility. Because of their relatively unsecured nature and permanent VPN connections for email and other business applications, mobile devices are considered to be the biggest vulnerability in any company’s defense system.

To mitigate the risk posed by the proliferation of mobile devices at the workplace, many organizations are investing in latest technologies, such as data-at-rest encryption, enterprise-level sandboxing, device virtualization, mobile device management, and secure boot loaders. Apart from technology-related initiatives, establishing organization-wide policy for the use of mobile device is another strategy used for ensuring security, productivity, and compliance.

Although policy-related changes are one of the most cost-effective ways to ensure enterprise mobility without compromising on security, employees may perceive them as restrictive. This may result in poor adherence, poor policy implementation, and security risks. To overcome the challenge, organizations should focus on upgrading their business applications so that they offer optimal usability without compromising the security posture of the business.

Put simply, developing an enterprise-wide policy along with investment in new security tools and technologies remains the key to enterprise mobility. However, there are a number of productivity-related challenges that may keep an enterprise from implementing a strategy that enforces security without obfuscating productivity or user experience.

Developing and implementing such a strategy requires visionary leadership that has in-depth understanding of the security risks associated with enterprise mobility, as well the ability to anticipate and address users’ needs and expectations. At Allen Austin, we help businesses operating across a wide spectrum of industries recruit, train, and develop such leaders and help them unleash the true potential of enterprise mobility.

As a leading global retained executive search firm, at Allen Austin we use our tried and tested approach for executive search and leadership development to find the most sought-after C-suite level talent for its customers. We adopt an individualized approach towards every search we conduct. Our recruitment consultants take their time to determine the current and future leadership needs of an enterprise and then devise a solution that best addresses the needs.

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