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Executive Search & Leadership Advisory

Increased global business travel, higher disposable income, and a shift in household spending from goods to services and experiences have resulted in explosive growth of the leisure and hospitality industry. However, it is important to understand that businesses today operate in a consumer-led era where the attitudes and behaviors of consumers are changing faster than ever before.

As Millennials remain the primary driving force behind changes in the hospitality and leisure industry, businesses must take measures to meet the expectations and needs of a well-travelled, tech-savvy customer who seeks a well-integrated, seamless experience. In addition to Millennials, companies are also required to fulfill the desires and preferences of the senior members of the society who have different preferences and interests. Senior citizens not only have the purchasing power to indulge in travel, but they are also likely to spend more than other age groups and should, therefore, be the focus of any growth-oriented hospitality or leisure business.

Coupled with technological advancements and the need to offer an integrated, multi-channel experience to customers, companies from the leisure and hospitality sector must devise a game-changing strategy to respond creatively to new customer behaviors and trends. From replacing room keys with mobile devices and incorporating local art and design into hotels to making strategic decisions regarding cost containment and operating efficiency, businesses are required to take bold steps to survive and thrive in the face of emerging trends and challenges.

At Allen Austin, we offer a broad range of consulting services to hospitality and leisure sector, assisting clients with leadership development, management, and training. Our team of expert consultants advises businesses across the industry, ranging from single site operators to businesses with operations in multiple countries.

Since customers today expect an outstanding, individualized experience, companies need to first understand their needs and desires and craft a personalized experience that talks directly to them. While this seems to be a simple and straightforward process, the needs and likes and dislikes of today’s customer are continually evolving. We help businesses focus their energy and resources on recruiting and training leadership talent capable of identifying evolving consumer behaviors and responding to them in a proactive manner.

At Allen Austin, we believe that if organizations are to thrive, their employees must have the capabilities and the right attitude required to navigate through the disruptions and stay ahead of their competitors. To ensure this, we not only discuss and optimize your strategies surrounding executive search and leadership development, but also help your executives devise a game plan to recruit, manage, and retain a talent pool with the right blend of interpersonal skills and technical abilities required to ensure superior customer engagement and profitable growth of your company.

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