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Intensified global education, the need to serve a more diversified student base, more insistent public demand for accountability, and pressure to widen access to quality education, are several factors that are reshaping the Higher Education industry. However, the increased demand for online learning remains the most significant factor that has influenced and transformed the way higher educational institutions work.

Emerging business models, enabled by advancements in online learning technologies have compelled universities to accommodate to the evolving expectations of students who are seeking learning opportunities outside of brick-and-mortar institutions. As a result, a considerable number of higher educational institutions are actively breaking down academic silos to engage students in a cross-disciplinary learning experience that offers a blend of MOOCs (massive open online courses) and campus-based courses. This technology-driven approach has helped universities enroll students from a wide range of countries and demographics.

As schools feel the need to appeal to a globalized and diverse student base, successful branding and marketing have become important activities for the growth and success of higher educational institutions. They are required to spend more time, efforts, and resources on the design and execution of a well-integrated, multi-channel marketing strategy that can help them reach the target customer, increase enrollment, and assist them to differentiate themselves from competitor institutions.

While technology-driven learning experiences and targeted marketing remain the two primary ways for higher educational institutions to stay competitive, there are also serious financial challenges that must be overcome. The sudden decline in endowment values, limits on tuition increments, and cuts in education funding, all have led to budget deficits, compelling universities to seek new ways to reduce operational costs. In such a situation, the leaders of higher educational institutions are required to make tough strategic decisions about the future of their school.

At Allen Austin, we have an understanding of the challenges faced by colleges and universities. Our goal is to help them improve the quality of student learning while maintaining a sustainable position in the industry. We do this by helping higher educational institutions recruit, train, and retain organizational leaders who have the ability, experience, and insight to make the right strategic decisions in today’s increasingly complex and competitive environment.

Our team of consultants brings their in-depth expertise and experience in the higher education industry to devise a leadership development and talent management strategy that focuses on improving the long-term strategic and learning outcomes of institutions. Based on a solid understanding of industry dynamics and institutional policies and goals, our executive search services help you identify well-matched individuals who will not only succeed in their new position but also drive the growth and success of your organization.

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