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The Faith-Based Organizations Industry has historically performed well in the US primarily due to the high religious inclination of the US population in comparison to other developed countries. Nevertheless, over the past few years, charitable donations and revenue generated by faith-based organizations have become more unpredictable than ever before. This instability has been attributed to a family’s declining disposable income and the diminishing conviction of organized religion. But, it is expected that in the next few years, the sector will benefit from the recent upswing in the economy, which will, in turn, increase charitable donations.  While the future outlook remains promising for the industry, there are still a few challenges to overcome.

Just like any other sector, nonprofit organizations are likely to experience the impact of the changing demographics of America. The retirement of 46 million baby boomers will significantly influence the donor base of nonprofits. In addition to this, charity-based organizations will face enormous economic burdens resulting from the shrinking American workforce. By 2030, there will be only three working adults to support every elderly person in contrast to seven back in 1950. Industries will opt for outsourcing to cope with labor shortages. As a result, it is estimated that large numbers of Hispanic Americans and women will become a part of the workforce and may not have the discretionary income or time to support the mission of nonprofit organizations. Couple all these changes with the prediction that over 20 million revolutionaries will embrace self-managed spiritualities and the outlook becomes uncertain for the nonprofit sector.

Nonprofit organizations may want to focus on highly trained baby boomer retirees as a part of their volunteer labor force to assist in achieving sustainability in such a dynamic environment. Since baby boomers will have access to abundant leisure activities, nonprofits will be required to develop new models of empowerment, as well as strategies to attract the attention of America’s most educated generation.

Considering the diverse spectrum of challenges faced by faith-based organizations, one can propose that effective leadership and talent management remains the only way forward for the industry.  Allen Austin provides specialized leadership advisory services to religious non-profits that are facing uncertainties. We understand that faith-based nonprofits rely heavily on volunteers and donations to achieve their fundraising objectives.  We help these organizations recruit and train leaders who have the ability to tap into a community’s wealth of social capital to drive change.

Utilizing our extensive experience of delivering desired outcomes to a wide range of faith-based nonprofits, we help you recruit, screen, and select organizational leaders who have the interpersonal relationships required to influence volunteers, service users, and other stakeholders. With our executive search services, we help faith-based organizations hire leaders who have an understanding of what funders want and what needs they should target to approach partnerships and leverage opportunities.

Allen Austin works with faith-based organizations of all sizes. We have designed detailed executive search strategies for large ministries, as well as assisted small ministries with their talent acquisition efforts. Being a leading executive search firm providing services to faith-based ministries, community service ministries, and religious organizations, we have acquired the expertise and experience required to help our clients find exceptional leaders who share their charitable mission and have the skills to support religious organizations to achieve sustainability.

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