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The manufacturers of consumer packaged goods and durables have been experiencing significant growth driven by several factors, including the increasing real estate and housing demand, higher disposable income, and the emerging retail boom. While the overall outlook remains positive for this segment, there are a number of challenges to conquer as well. With shoppers having more choices and control than ever before, businesses must offer a personalized experience along with price and quality transparency to fulfill the needs of today’s informed customer.

The increasing influence of technology from path to purchase has proven to be truly disruptive for the consumer packaged goods and durables industry. In the US alone, e-commerce represents a $395 billion market, an estimated 12% of total retail sales. As consumers continue to embrace digital, the traditional brick-and-mortar business models may be dismantled, requiring the manufacturers to explore and exploit new channels to reach customers and capture their fair share of this rapidly growing e-commerce sector.

In addition to this, the shift in consumer focus towards personal health, social impact, and environmental sustainability also remains a major challenge for the manufacturers of consumer packaged goods and durables. Today, customers have stronger preferences for brands aligned with the emerging value drivers of corporate citizenship, health and wellness, safety, and transparency.

The evolution of customers’ needs and preferences, combined with technological advancements and explosive growth demands fundamental changes in the operational and administrative practices of businesses operating in the consumer packaged goods and durables sector.

As a leading firm providing executive search and leadership development services to businesses operating across a wide range of industries, Allen Austin has helped and enabled businesses to plan and act amid these uncertainties and emerging trends. We help companies understand the impact of demographic and economic shifts in consumption patterns and demand and assist them to recruit and retain executives who have the insight and experience to find innovative ways to help a business navigate through the complexities and build a successful brand.

At Allen Austin, we have a long history of partnering with leading businesses from the consumer packaged goods and durable sector to fulfill their executive search and leadership development and advisory needs and help them achieve sustainable growth. From succession planning and executive search, recruitment, and retention, we offer insightful advice on a broad spectrum of issues to manufacturers and suppliers of packaged goods and durables.

Committed to ensuring your long-term success, our experts leverage their keen understanding of industry dynamics and their broad and deep set of capabilities to help you recruit, train, and retain leadership talent that can help identify risks and challenges you may face, optimize your operational efficiency, and develop strategies to achieve sustainable growth.

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