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Digital technology has proven to be a disruptive force for many industries, but its effects on the arts & culture sector are particularly profound, decimating the entire industry and altering the landscape for artistic creation.

With a changing industry, artists are making use of the latest digital technologies to push creative boundaries in all disciplines, including visual arts, crafts, and performing arts. Organizations working in the arts and culture sector are increasing use of digital media to make their work more accessible to today’s global audience.

While this increased technological influence has opened new doors of opportunities for the arts and culture sector, there are some obstacles to overcome as well. The arts sector faces an immediate need for skilled talent who understand technologies new tools of expression to realize the true potential of technology in art creation, promotion, and distribution. Revenue generation from digital distribution of artistic creations remains another difficult challenge for organizations. People today have unprecedented access to all forms of creative works via the internet, and as a result can make and distribute digital copies, threatening the income and economic returns of artists, as well as organizations.

Another important thing to consider is that a significant majority of companies in the arts and culture sector are small- and medium-sized enterprises. There are also a lot of freelance workers. What’s more, the work itself is usually project-based, which in turn, causes substantial fluctuations in income. Consequently, there is high turnover resulting in a small number of long-term employees. These issues make companies highly dependent on individual talent and influence their competitiveness.

In addition to these concerns, the current incentive measures and policies do not adequately support the needs of organizations operating in the arts and culture sector. Because of their small size and fluctuating income flaws, these organizations also face difficulty obtaining financing from commercial banks, and therefore often remain unsuccessful at achieving their strategic objectives.

As a renowned firm providing leadership development and executive search services, Allen Austin plays a leading advisory role in the arts and culture arena. We have industry specialists who focus on leadership development needs specific to organizations operating in the arts and culture sector.

Our focus is to help our clients determine their current and future leadership requirements, identify gaps, and implement practical solutions for sustainable impact. Utilizing our expertise and experience, we devise a detailed talent management strategy to help businesses grapple the critical issues that they are facing now and anticipate in future. Our experts help clients work out new strategies to navigate through today’s ever-evolving environment and build a more capable, engaged, and productive workforce that can drive their company’s success.

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