Sports & Entertainment

The sports media landscape is evolving at a rapid pace, especially regarding who creates the content, who has the right to distribute it, and the way in which viewers consume news and entertainment. While several factors have led to the transformation of the sports industry, technological advancements and demographic shifts have left the most significant impact on this sector.

With Millennials spending less time watching TV and more on streaming content online, streaming services have experienced unprecedented growth in the last few years. What’s more, the increasing demand for advertising-free content has put pressure on the profit margins of entertainment companies. As a result, content providers and advertisers are giving up their traditional business models and finding new ways to make content available to their target customers.

Getting spectators off the couch on game day has become a major concern for the sports industry due to increased popularity of online streaming services. As a result, companies are seeking new ways to enhance in-stadium experiences. Visitor loyalty programs, experiential personalization, and technological enhancements are some of the ways the sports industry is optimizing fan experience on stadium grounds.

Improving the experience of consumers, sport and entertainment events are increasingly being staged together and presents an excellent revenue-generating opportunity to both industries.

As sports and entertainment continue to converge, the sports industry continues to face various financial challenges as well on the commercial front. The sports industry is compelled to charge more for tickets to relieve the financial stress resulting from rising player costs. In addition to this, media right revenues remain the primary source of income for the sector. However, the size and potential of the market varies depending on the presence or absence of major sports events, such as the Olympics and World Cups.

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