Social Justice & Advocacy

Working to protect the rights and increase the power of individuals who are disadvantaged politically, economically, or socially, advocacy and social justice groups are a major part of the non-profit sector. From designing strategic campaigns to fundraising and building lasting coalitions, these organizations undertake a diverse range of activities to eliminate the causes of inequality so that everyone has equal rights, opportunity, and treatment.

Over the past two decades, the practices of social justice and advocacy groups have undergone a significant transformation due to rapid technological advancements. Today, community leaders leverage a variety of tools to mobilize communities and advocate for social change. The near ubiquity of smartphones means that every citizen has the means to send or receive information.

At Allen Austin, we have an in-depth understanding of the diversity and scope of the challenges faced by social justice and advocacy organizations. Utilizing our deep insight, expertise, and experience, we help social justice and advocacy groups recruit, develop, and retain leaders who can solve the most complex problems and help their organization achieve financial stability.

As a leadership advisory and executive search firm, we not only help social justice advocacy groups recruit the best leadership talent but also design leadership development programs that focus on visionary and transformative skills required for leading social justice movements. We provide organizations with comprehensive help and expert advice as they drive change to run their organization in a sustainable manner.


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