Engineering, Procurement & Construction

As a leading retained executive search firm, Allen Austin is uniquely positioned to fulfill the talent needs of Engineering, Procurement and Construction for the Energy industry. Utilizing our deep industry knowledge and our extensive experience, we assist companies to find the best executive-level talent.  We can devise a tailored strategy to attract, develop, and retain the best leaders who can drive a business’s long-term success.

The Engineering, Construction, and Procurement industries continue to grow, both domestically and internationally. Efficient resource allocation is essential for any business to run smoothly and is no less true of energy management. Clients are looking for services that benefit the community by increasing efficiency while decreasing waste. Allen Austin recruits leaders capable of developing programs which help achieve this, while minimizing investment into ever-advancing realms.

As technology improves, new methods, efficiency solutions, and standards are being developed almost daily. Recruiting the top leaders that strive to stay at the forefront of these innovations and help businesses identify and upgrade outdated energy systems and structures give companies a competitive edge.

Our ability to deliver superior-quality results to every client lies in our deep understanding of global industry trends. We use this knowledge to help our clients identify and exploit opportunities by anticipating and fulfilling their talent needs in a proactive manner.

Allen Austin was voted as one of: 1. Forbes best executive recruiting firms 2. Energy Magazine best energy executive search firms 3. CEO Journal best executive search firms 4. Top Executive Search Firms 5. Y Scouts best executive search firms in Houston 6. Expertise Magazine best business and leadership consultants in Houston

Search engagements: Chief Executive Officer (16%) Chief Operating Officer (14%) Chief Financial Officer (15%) Chief Information Officer (11%) Chief Revenue Officer (3%) Chief Human Resources Officer (3%) Chief Legal Officer (5%) Chief Marketing Officers (7%) SVP and VP Level Officers 13%, Director and Manager Levels (13%)

Leadership Advisory Engagements: Strategy & Implementation (8%) Unified Leadership (19%), Board Services (13%) Leadership Development and Communications (18%) Culture Shaping (8%) Disciplined Hiring Practices (13%) Stakeholder Engagement (8%) Customer Experience (7%) Measuring what Matters (7%) Cost Leadership (3%) Harnessing Purpose (6%)


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