Chief Marketing Officer

Allen Austin works collaboratively, drawing from the best, most admired companies to develop and deliver stellar marketing leadership. Through our comprehensive leadership advisory and executive search analysis, market insight and industry knowledge, we link the ideal candidate with your company’s operational and cultural needs.

With continuing digital advances constantly changing the world in which we live, the marketing function has been experiencing a complete transformation. Digital media has dramatically increased the number of consumer touch points. Big Data makes it possible to recognize, understand, and predict consumer behaviors and preferences with remarkably nuanced precision, and many of the best development opportunities are in changing and unfamiliar emerging markets. The objectives of marketing remain the same: Build the brand. Create consumer awareness. Earn trial, repeat purchase, preference, and advocacy. But the revolutionary changes in the means of marketing make the CMO role exponentially more complex, and why our recruiting and executive search firm has become even more crucial.

As the CMO function continues to evolve, marketers are responsible for more than just building the brand; they increasingly play a role in driving revenue. To this end, marketers must have an almost mono maniacal customer orientation and be able to expertly utilize digital technologies and social media channels, measuring their reach and impact on the desired target market. Demand for proven marketing leaders across all industries is intense, especially with experience in the growing fields of digital and e-commerce, and we understand the talent required to succeed in today’s changing global marketplace.

As industries face much more competitive markets, smarter and more demanding customers, and a more complex, ever-changing environment, marketers are increasingly charged with driving enterprise transformation and creating real business value. They are engaged in company-wide strategic leadership and need to lead the organization toward change mandates; often they are also expected to refine business models and go-to-market strategies, to drive measurable business results. The days when marketing leaders simply built brands, created above-the-line programs, and targeted customers are gone forever. In today’s environment, Chief Marketing Officers are increasingly strategic, commercial, and fiscally focused, and in many cases are changing the business altogether.

Enterprises in all sectors face unprecedented competitive pressures. Marketing officers must leverage multiple skill sets to differentiate, develop and grow brands: leading meaningful innovation; making marketing investments that produce measurable return on investment; shaping corporate strategies regarding changing consumer demands; serving an increasingly diverse customer base; and leveraging the power of multicultural and cross generational marketing.


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