Chief Information Officer

An outstanding CIO resembles an outstanding CEO – a business leader with strategic insight and ability. He or she will grasp technology’s future power and potential, not just the intricacies of today’s applications, and is therefore capable of harnessing IT investments to transform a business or even create an entirely new one. Clients look to us to identify chief information officers who are able to support the overall strategy of the organization through technology, managing partnerships both with a range of global third-party providers and with point people within their own organization.

With continued innovations of the Cloud, Big Data, mobile apps, social networking, and digital services, today’s CIOs face increasing demands to be innovative, learning agile, and offer transformative leadership. That is why our executive search and leadership advisory services have become integral to sustain a successful organization.

Today’s chief information officer must anticipate issues such as cybersecurity, consumer technology integration and the increasing flood of accessible data all while using technology to influence and execute the company’s business strategy. Multichannel experience and the ability to lead a network, rather than a hierarchical organization, are also emerging as must-haves for the CIO. In addition, as customers increasingly interact with companies via technology, these leaders must provide solutions with the end user in mind. We strive to find leaders with the right combination of innovation, technical experience, financial acumen, and cultural style that is compatible with our clients’ organizations and their levels of technology readiness.

CIOs are in a unique position, holding a bird’s eye view of what’s going on across the enterprise. No longer focused on simply managing computer operations, CIOs align IT strategy with corporate mission and goals, optimize and transform business processes for operating effectiveness and competitive advantage, and manage change that keeps their organization a step ahead of rapidly changing global markets, industry disrupters, new business models, and the competition.

Additionally, CIOs at forward-thinking organizations oversee new functions including Chief Innovation Officers who initiate game changing and market leading opportunities; Chief Digital Officers who leverage the Internet for e-commerce/omni-channel operations, and for social media and marketing; Chief Information Security Officers who safeguard their organization’s intellectual and digital assets and manage IT risk; and Chief Analytics Officers who turn big data into actionable customer insights and spot market trends earlier than was ever before possible.



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