Chief Human Relations Officer

The surest way to sustain business success is to build a “talent dynasty” in which your exceptional people deliver enduring competitive advantage. Allen Austin works collaboratively, drawing from the best, most admired companies to develop and deliver stellar HR leadership. Through our comprehensive leadership advisory and executive search analysis, market insight and industry knowledge, we link the ideal candidate with your company’s operational and cultural needs.

Occupying a key business role, the HR leader is tasked with both helping the organization achieve its goals today and ensuring it is fit for the future. A strong commercial perspective, collaboration with other functional leaders and competitive foresight are essential to ensure – through strong personal impact – that HR delivers quantifiable value to the business.

CEOs increasingly recognize that talent is the most critical lever of business success. Standing at the intersection of strategy and execution, the human resources (HR) executive of today anticipates the business needs of tomorrow in order to drive the organization’s objectives through the acquisition, development, and retention of the right human capital.

People issues dominate today’s business headlines. Downsizing and cost reduction. Outsourcing. Global talent management. Executive compensation. Mergers and acquisitions. CHROs often find themselves at the eye of the storm on these critical issues. To drive value at the intersection of people and business, they must act as both stewards and strategists — leaders who not only orchestrate human resources (HR) operations, but also shape and implement business strategy across the organization.

Companies that are able to develop exceptional talent, efficiently manage and deploy that talent, and establish benefits programs that motivate the right behaviors have a fundamental advantage over competitors who lag in these areas. The chief human resources officer and HR team are called upon to provide strategic guidance in all of these areas, as well as CEO succession planning, executive compensation, diversity programs, and organizational development. Our consultants understand the trends shaping HR and combine firsthand knowledge of the function with access to top-tier HR executives around the world.

The HR executives of the future will have the credibility and advisory skills to interface with the board and to partner with the entire leadership team. They will be tasked with a complex challenge, to build culture and value, mitigate risk, and plan for the future state of their organizations – leveraging an integrated talent management approach and anchored by deep functional and technical knowledge.


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