Chief Legal Officer

Allen Austin works collaboratively, drawing from the best, most admired companies to develop and deliver stellar legal leadership. Through our comprehensive leadership advisory and executive search analysis, market insight and industry knowledge, we link the ideal candidate with your company’s operational and cultural needs.

Senior legal officers and chief compliance officers are at the heart of business today. They must master complex regulatory and risk issues across the globe and support boards in strengthening governance. At their best, they are also effective advisors to the CEO and the executive team, fluent in strategy and business, and adept at analysis, influence, and constructive challenge. Recruiting and developing these legal stars is tough, but has never been more critical.



The legal function of many organizations continues to evolve as companies reduce their reliance on outside firms and bring more legal capabilities in-house, particularly in growth markets. At the same time, companies around the world are responding to an increased focus on compliance and regulations such as the Privacy Act, Federal Corrupt Practices Act, and Anti-Money Laundering, to name a few. Boards of directors, CEOs, and senior leaders have dramatically redefined the role of General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officers. Risk management, a framework of global regulations across industries, and the complexity of managing intellectual property in a technology-enabled world are just a few of the pressures and responsibilities Legal executives face. As companies grow and expand, the complexity of their legal function follows suit.  You require top talent who thinks strategically and acts proactively to protect your organization and respond to opportunities. As General Counsel and other legal executives take on the role of “company conscience,” they must walk a fine line between ethics and integrity while leveraging the law to your full advantage.

In a complex global business environment with increased scrutiny around governance issues and stringent compliance demands, recruitment of world-class general counsel and senior in-house lawyers is critical.

These critical roles often navigate the organization’s route to profitability and success while balancing increasing amounts of legislation, litigation and regulation.


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