Asset & Wealth Management

A multi-generational wealth transfer, the implementation of digital and hybrid business models, the introduction of digital assets, and the increasing concern for environmental and social issues are reshuffling wealth manager’s approaches to daily business.

To fulfill evolving client expectations, asset and wealth management firms are now moving their infrastructure to the cloud to enable real-time asset and portfolio management. While migration to the cloud ensures better response time, it also means that third-party services have access to customers’ financial information. To address the security risks associated with this technological transformation, asset and wealth management firms must conduct proper risks assessments before granting access rights to a third-party provider.

Like many other industries, the financial industry has become more consumer-oriented today. Therefore, to provide personalized experiences to customers and enable greater engagement, asset and wealth management firms must replace their legacy infrastructure with AI-based cognitive computing solutions. These AI-based solutions will capture more data along each step of the customer journey allowing the financial sector to gain insights into the evolving needs and expectations of the client.

To ensure a successful technological transformation, the executives of asset and wealth management firms are re-engineering their approach to workforce and prioritizing digital skills to the same degree as other sectors. In addition to modernizing their recruitment practices, wealth management firms are also taking bold steps to facilitate the adoption of digital tools and technologies by their existing employees.

According to a survey conducted by PWC, asset and wealth management is the third most likely sector to experience the disruption caused by fintech startups. While a vast majority of asset and wealth management executives believe that fintech startups will reshape the market, not many firms have developed a strategy to address the change.

At Allen Austin, we help executives and senior managers in the wealth and asset management space develop an integrated strategy to address their most critical strategic issues. We provide counsel on issues in executive search, leadership development, and talent management, helping wealth and asset management firms achieve sustainability in today’s fast-changing market.

As a leading executive search firm, Allen Austin adopts a collaborative and fact-based approach towards leadership development, helping enterprises recruit, select, and train leaders who are capable of making right strategic choices amid uncertainty. Leveraging our deep industry experience and broad range of capabilities, we develop strategies aimed at finding leaders who can capture opportunities in emerging markets and create a competitive advantage for their company.


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