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CEOs are also dealing with the challenges of globalization and are seeking leaders to drive transformation and success, with true strength in strategy and multicultural sensitivity. Therefore, leadership advisory and executive search has become integral.

As pressure on boards and CEO’s continues to grow, from shareholders, regulators, and the media, expectations are great and roles have become increasingly complex.

The role of CEO is increasingly looked upon with greater scrutiny by the public and regulators. Corporate governance reforms have also raised the bar of corporate board performance while also increasing the challenge of recruiting the best leaders for non-executive director positions.

The most effective boards have a positive and long-term impact on their organizations, are true assets to the CEO and bring confidence to shareholders and other stakeholders. Creating a diverse and balanced board – one that reflects the organization’s strategic direction and contains the right blend of expertise and experience – has become a top priority.

In a recent published interview, Rob Andrews, Chairman and CEO of Allen Austin concluded. “The most important dynamic when building a board is trust. If the CEO and board members don’t trust one another, there is no way for the board to deliver maximum value. Guard against a board being populated exclusively by professional board members. A true operating executive who’s kept their knives sharp offers a much different perspective. Ideally you should have someone very strong operationally who is in tune with the grassroots of the business. It’s easy for the board to become myopic and forget about the frontline employees and customers. Someone with the tendency to focus on the grassroots is essential. Also helpful can be experience in troubled companies and turnaround background. They will often see danger points that others might miss. It’s also useful to have experience outside industry sector, someone capable of looking at the business with fresh eyes.”

Our global partners possess deep personal experience in corporate management and leadership recruiting. As a result, we understand CEOs and are highly sensitive to the issues and pressures you face.

Allen Austin delivers leadership advisory and executive search CEO services within many industries. Whether you are a startup company seeking a new CEO or a Fortune 500 company working on your succession plan, we stand by to partner with you.

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