Our Team with Purpose

We are a passionate, high-performing team. We work hard to build long-term relationships and deliver solutions to help our clients unleash the full potential of their organizations.

Shared Growth and Benefits

We are about big dreams, getting things done, and having fun. Fulfilling our purpose and serving our clients requires accountability, dedication, hard work, and team effort. We all share responsibility for continuous improvement, maximizing the impact of our human and capital resources and growing the firm.
Our firm is for people who seek exceptional opportunities, not a job. Our approach to compensation is entrepreneurial. It offers unlimited upside and rewards exceptional performance.
We work hard so we can enjoy and share prosperity.

Daring, Loyal and Collaborative

People are our foundation for firm success.
This drives our desire to attract, inspire, and reward those who are creative and entrepreneurial. People join us because they want to make a difference and understand that we have the culture, esprit de corps, and support to do so.
We want people with an interest in what’s possible, who are driven by their desire to excel and contribute. They share the firm’s collaborative and enterprising ethos.

Diverse and Inclusive

We are a global and diverse organization made up of people who are likeable, collaborative, and smart. We believe every member of our team has a say in what we do and is integral to our success. We welcome unique perspectives and ideas. Despite our growth, we preserve our small-firm, altruistic culture, avoiding unnecessary rules and bureaucracy.

Serving Clients and Those Who Serve Them

We are all about relationships in which our clients realize lasting value.
We are committed to serving our employees on the front lines by delivering extraordinary client experience.

Setting Goals, Making Commitments, and Getting Things Done

Every person is important and makes a difference. Our career aspirations stretch us to grow, both personally and professionally. We believe in accountability – making promises and keeping them.
Only by going the extra mile will we achieve our shared dreams and goals.

Intensely Curious, with a Relentless Pursuit of Continuous Learning and Improvement

We strive to be the best in our profession. We believe it is all about the journey and that we will “never arrive.” We avoid complacency at all costs because we know the world is changing at an unprecedented rate.

A Better Workforce

We research, refine, practice, and teach leadership and hiring best practices.
Total Performance Leadership (TPL) is the result of Allen Austin’s commitment to making this world a better place. With 90% of the world’s workforce disengaged and a broken executive hiring process that results in almost 50% failure, we believe our work is desperately needed. There is, without question, the opportunity for us to help create a more productive and fulfilled global workforce. We have the ability, indeed the responsibility, to help break this cycle.

Building Relationships, Friendships and Giving Back

We are not just another consulting firm. Beneath the surface, we are an exceptional group of professionals, seeking ways to identify and fulfill purpose and vision with game changing strategies. We want to help connect people who should be connected, bring order where there is organizational chaos, coach leaders to be their best, and facilitate matches that work and last. Our work creates enterprise value while helping improve quality of life.


Allen Austin is a passionate, peak performance, entrepreneurial team. We are in the business of helping our clients win the war for talent and build peak performance cultures. Our associates join us because they want to make a real difference and they want to help provide the atmosphere, esprit de corps, support, and culture to do so.

At Allen Austin, you will hear us say: do the right thing, excel in everything you do, treat our clients and associates as family, get things done, and have fun doing it. Trust and integrity, leadership, teamwork, synergy, and going above and beyond: these aspirations are at the heart of Allen Austin.

At Allen Austin, you will find a globally diverse work force, challenging projects, and smart, pleasant, collaborative people who want to change the world. We are not a conventional company, nor do we aspire to be one. We are committed to retaining a nonpolitical, small firm feel and a sense of passion and purpose that has become all too rare. We know that every employee has something important to contribute and is integral to our success. We employ people with drive and determination, with dreams and aspirations we can help fulfil.

We empower our people to make decisions that improve their work and benefit our clients, our firm, our communities, and our extended group of stakeholders.

At Allen Austin, we are about big dreams, getting things done, and having fun. The demands are high. Everyone in the firm has a responsibility to help drive revenues, cut costs, and maximize the effect of our human and capital resources.

When hiring new associates, we look for people who are seeking an opportunity, not a job. Our compensation is designed for the entrepreneurially minded who are not afraid of a system with unlimited upside, which pays in direct proportion to actual contribution.

We look for possibility thinkers who are inspired by an intense desire to excel and contribute, and who fit in well with the collaborative, rigorous, and entrepreneurial spirit of the company culture.

We are obsessed with touching lives and making the world a better place. To the casual observer, we may look like just another consulting firm. When you peel the layers of the onion, however, you’ll find a group of exceptional professionals who are always looking for ways to formulate game changing strategies where none existed, help connect people who ought to be connected, make order out of organizational chaos, facilitate matches that work and last, and help implement major change initiatives. Our work not only creates enterprise value but improves the quality of the lives of all our stakeholders and their families.

People create success, which is why we go to great lengths to attract, inspire, and reward creativity and entrepreneurial talent. We welcome unique perspectives, energy, ideas, and the willingness to learn as well as to teach. We believe you will find some of the richest opportunities and most interesting challenges of your life at Allen Austin.

Behaviors We Revere

  • You are inspired by our Purpose, Mission, Vision, and Values and want to be a disciple to our clients. You love our reason for being and for which we stand.
  • You are resourceful, dependable, accountable, and transparent – an example for others.
  • You inspire others with your passion for hard work and excellence.
  • You come to meetings prepared, on-time, and willing to listen, contribute, and learn.
  • You are concise and articulate in your oral and written communications, and well prepared for your discussions and presentations with colleagues and clients.
  • You demonstrate that you care deeply about being a part of a firm committed to being the best. You are always looking for ways to make our firm a more fun, effective, and profitable business.
  • You love to have fun and do what you can to make work enjoyable for others.
  • You are committed to learning and practicing the principles of TPL.
  • You value diversity of thought, ethnicity, and generation with an interest in learning from people different than you.
  • You are passionate about helping clients achieve their business objectives.
  • You are comfortable challenging practices and suggesting improvements to anyone in the firm.
  • You understand that people who don’t make mistakes don’t grow and improve. You are comfortable taking calculated risks in the interest of advancing growth and success.
  • You never throw your colleagues under the bus. If you have an issue with someone, you address it with them directly or with a superior, if necessary.
  • You always strive to have a positive attitude and don’t dwell on the negatives.
  • You serve willingly and cheerfully. You never play the martyr.
  • You are humble and emotionally intelligent, engendering trust and long-lasting relationships. You are always on the lookout for like-minded people to help expand the firm’s capabilities.


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