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Our History

When our founder, then serving as Executive Vice President of an East Coast executive search firm, started to develop what we now refer to as the Allen Austin Foresight™ process, the principals of that firm responded with these words: “Rob, you are a very misguided young man. You are all consumed about how long these people stay, how well they perform, and how much enterprise value they deliver. You have all this passion around the art and science of executive search. We are in the business of executive search. We are making a boatload of money and we could not care less about this process you keep talking about.”

Because the Foresight™ is focused on long-term relationships and enhancing the lives and effectiveness of clients and candidates alike, it takes more time and attention than the all too common practice of transactional order-taking or filling seats in a vacuum.

Allen Austin was born in August of 1996. For seventeen years, we functioned as retained search purists, practicing search as a specialized form of management consulting, as our founders intended. Today, we are among the 40 largest retained search & leadership consulting firms in the U.S. with a reach across six continents. We are management consultants and researchers, specializing in retained search and leadership advisory focused on building purpose-driven cultures and high-performance teams that retain the best and brightest talent and produce unprecedented business results.

In a world where most people do not like what they do for a living, and where countless lives are adversely affected by inadequate hiring practices, we intend to make a difference; to make the world a better place.

We’re trying to change the global workplace for the better by studying, teaching, and practicing battle-tested human capital and leadership principles and methodologies. The principles we study and teach are most often based on purpose and values and produce extraordinary financial metrics and employee engagement.

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