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Madeline Gutheinz

Based in Houston, Maddie Gutheinz is Executive Assistant to the CEO of Allen Austin, Rob Andrews. She provides high-level administrative support and helps to develop partnerships between Allen Austin and its clients.

Maddie brings an array of professional experiences to her work, having worked in various fields before joining Allen Austin. Her years in administrative support, sales, and analytical research have offered diverse opportunities for showcasing and developing her adaptiveness, responsiveness, and creativity. She proudly shares in Allen Austin’s commitment to integrity and relationships, striving to live out these values in her work day-to-day.

Maddie is an alumna of the University of St. Thomas and was among the first students to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering-Physics. She likes to spend her free time biking, road-tripping with her husband, exploring Houston’s coffee scene, and singing.

Madeline Gutheinz headshot

Coco Bo

Based in the Houston office, Coco Bo is Allen Austin’s Chief Happiness Officer.  “Bo” leads Allen Austin’s global “have fun at work” practice.

Originally from Christmas, Florida, Bo came to Allen Austin in April (via plane and nanny) to assume his new position.  Building on his experience of social butterfly, he regularly checks in on all partners and staff giving kisses & hugs.  A former top designer dog, Bo helps the office de-stress, keeping everyone in smile-mode with his funny antics.  Responsibilities include running the halls, checking all food for safety prior to anyone eating, alerting everyone that someone new has entered the premises, playing with his toys (preferably the squeaky, noisy ones), keeping the floors clean, and occasionally napping under the desks.

Looking like a cross between a PLUSH toy and a Swiffer mop, Bo assists employees in taking regular breaks, even small ones, to keep them focused and productive but, more importantly, healthy.

Bo has not yet finished school but is looking forward to his continuing education (Grrrrrrrrrr).

Bo also has a big brother, Bentley, who is teaching Bo everything he knows while focusing on barking and growling.

Elizabeth Andrews

She is adept at leadership development and building high-performance teams during times of organizational change, resulting in improved clinical, operational, and financial outcomes. She has additional leadership experience in strategic planning, project management, and proven ability to make a difference using evidence-based principles and innovation.

Most recently, Liz was with Memorial Hermann Healthcare System as Director and Service Line Leader for Children’s Services. She provided clinical, administrative, fiscal, and human resource management as well as strategic and operational planning for numerous clinical services. She also assumed the overall responsibility to develop, execute, and evaluate tactics that ensure growth for the service line. Prior to this, Liz served as Business Service Director at various hospitals where she was able to design, build-out and develop units as start-ups and oversee operations as well as regulatory standards.

As Director of Practice Development, Liz is responsible for recruiting and on-boarding extraordinary talent both domestically and internationally.

Liz obtained her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at the University of Kansas and her Masters of Science in Nursing at the University of Texas in Houston. She was on the Dean’s Honor List, Awarded Scholarship Hall, and elected member of Sigma Theta Tau.

Karina Brisack

Based in Houston, Karina Brisack is an Administrator at Allen Austin & Gaines International. She provides high-level administrative support to the Managing Partner and Partners of Gaines International as well as to Allen Austin’s Operations Manager, working closely with them to ensure a smooth flow of business between all stakeholders. Karina is skilled at managing internal and external communications and acts as a liaison between clients, candidates, and associates.

Karina is proud to have a diverse professional background, having worked in a variety of industries before joining the Allen Austin & Gaines International teams. In her current role as an Administrator, Karina brings to bear her multiple years of work experience as a public school teacher, IT technician, journalist, and legal support specialist. She is passionate about making the worldwide workplace a more equitable, effective, and fulfilling place to be.

Karina is an alumna and former House Head of the Honors College at Houston Baptist University, an intensive liberal arts program focused on the Socratic method and the Western canon. In 2019, she graduated magna cum laude from HBU with a Bachelor of Arts in Government and a minor in Writing. On the weekends, Karina enjoys performing comedy, studying relational psychology, and cooking. She is also an avid short story reader and a reluctant short story writer.