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Leadership Development Program (LDP)

Allen Austin’s Leadership Development Program (LDP) is the most powerful leadership development platform we have ever seen. As an integral part of our leadership training and coaching services, it combines the most salient principles of our Career Advancement Program, Emotional Intelligence & Success Principles, Total Performance Leadership, and our flagship Leadership Dynamics Communications methodology.

A cutting-edge leadership development program, LDP is flexible and can be tailored to your specific needs. Most organizations will begin with a sixteen-week program with up to ten participants per class. Other options include a smaller commitment in order to familiarize the organization with the power of principles taught and benefits gained. Individual leadership coaching is often prescribed before, during, and after the program.LDP lead facilitators are all senior partners who have run significant businesses. All have been involved in major organizational transformations. None are stand up trainers or junior level consultants.

The Leadership Development Program(LDP):

  • Communicates to your high potentials at all levels that you care about them as people, as professionals, as emerging leaders, and are willing to invest in them.
  • Teaches your high potentials the principles of effective career advancement starting with the realization that their career development is their responsibility. Once your up-and-comers understand what it takes to climb the corporate ladder, the behavior you value most will manifest in program participants, and if nurtured, will permeate your organization.
  • Instills in your leaders a clear understanding of how to develop character, emotional intelligence, and success principles. All program participants will learn the tenants of servant leadership, personal growth, goal setting, conflict resolution, and etiquette.
  • Educating your emerging leaders in the little-understood (not taught in mainstream business schools) principles practiced in organizations that significantly outperform their competition, and why only 3% of organizations realize their full potential. Each one of your emerging leaders will understand how to build a high-performance organization that consistently delivers superior shareholder returns.
  • Teaches your leaders to practice the principles of effective leadership communications. Effective leadership is not just about personal presence, degrees, titles, charisma, or even intelligence. Your leaders will practice a reliable, proven methodology that will allow them to engage their stakeholders in a powerful way in order to drive change, generate revenue, persuade constituent groups and lead in the most impactful way imaginable.
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