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Total Performance Leadership™

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We help leaders build purpose-driven, high-performing organizations. To do this, we developed Total Performance Leadership™ (TPL), a research-based architecture that identifies the common characteristics shared by organizations driven by a common purpose. Our Leadership Advisory Services employs a combination of organizational assessments, leadership coaching, team facilitation, and leadership workshops to help our clients delight customers and deliver breakthrough results.

Total Performance Leadership™ includes four (4) focus areas:

  1. Leadership Development: Leadership team assessments, workshops, communication, and coaching.
  2. Stakeholder Engagement: Rollout and mobilization, productivity improvement, team facilitation, and coaching, business acumen.
  3. Organization & Culture: Organizational assessments, conflict management, values in action, disciplined hiring practices.
  4. Strategy & Implementation: Strategic planning, metrics, and scorecards, implementation.

Learn the fundamentals of high-performance goal settings and Total Performance Leadership™:

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