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Law Firms

Law Firms

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In comparison to other industries, the legal services market has remained relatively unaffected by cyclical fluctuations and the global economic crisis so far. However, with rapid technological developments, an evolving corporate landscape, and changing demographics facing the legal services industry, it seems inevitable that lawyers and solicitors face a future of change.

Until recently, law firms were the primary source of legal knowledge and services for consumers. As a result, they operated within a monopolistic landscape with competition centered within different sectors of the legal industry. However, technological advancements have provided corporations and consumers with new ways of accessing legal information. This has resulted in democratization of the industry and has compelled law firms to explore more efficient ways of providing legal services to customers.

To ensure customer satisfaction and seize a larger market share, attorneys and solicitors are devoting their attention to clients, taking measures to avoid administrative delays, and providing fast, user-friendly service. This shift towards old-fashioned customer service is fueled by technology-driven innovative models of delivery that ensure improved efficiency.

As profit margins continue to shrink, small- and medium-size law firms continue to merge with large enterprises as a way to grow and reach a larger customer base. Industry leading law firms, on the other hand, are also acquiring smaller firms to extend their reach to new geographic markets, reduce expenses, and build expertise in international law.  With corporations looking globally for further growth, there is a greater need for in-house counsel and strategic leadership that can help law firms manage risks and ensure compliance.

Changes to the legal services industry have brought some opportunities for law firms as well. With increasing focus on specialization, the industry offers exceptional rewards to lawyers who service a particular market more competitively than larger, full-service law firms. In addition, evolving client types and the services they need also offer law firms an opportunity to expand their service portfolios and establish themselves as market leaders by serving new, untapped market niches.

Allen Austin believes that in order to operate in a profitable manner in such an uncertain and dynamic business environment, law firms need insightful leadership that can help them anticipate and manage risks. We help companies operating in the legal services sector find such leaders with our tailored executive search and leadership solutions that are built around their unique needs and challenges.

As a leading executive search firm, Allen Austin focuses on finding the top talent that thinks strategically and acts proactively to manage risks and leverage opportunities. We adopt a systematic yet personalized approach towards executive search in order to understand the current and future leadership needs of an organization and deliver the precise results desired by a client.