Paper, Packaging, & Textiles

Our industry-specific executive search and leadership development solutions are designed to help clients address complex business issues and achieve sustainable profitability.  Allen Austin understands the challenges faced by companies operating in the paper, packaging, and textile sector are diverse and complex. Cost reduction, enhanced sustainability, and improved operating performance are just some of the issues impacting the performance of a textile company or a packaging business.

The paper, packaging, and textile industry contributes significantly to the global economy. Nevertheless, just like any other industry, it is also subject to disruption caused by a broad spectrum of forces. From increasing social pressure to operate in a viable manner to shareholder expectations and technological advancements, the industry is undergoing a rapid and radical transformation.

Recycled paper packaging is being the biggest market in the packaging industry followed by sustainable packaging market. The surging demand for eco-friendly products in the wake of global warming and environmental degradation is working in favor of the global recycled paper packaging market.

The rising emphasis on environment sustainability coupled with growing consumer awareness regarding the benefits of using recycled products is also augmenting the market. Rising initiatives by governments related to the use of recycled products are providing a fillip to the market and have led to stringent regulations to deal with the issue of packaging waste and recycling. As a result, packaging companies are seeking ways to meet challenging recycling targets and avoid the landfill taxes introduced by the government. Businesses are innovating new disposal systems that are more efficient and environment-friendly to achieve these objectives.

Apart from sustainability, the interest in consumer health has been growing in the textile and clothing sector. To build customers’ confidence and avoid liability, clothing, and textile manufacturers have responded to the pressure to enhance consumer health protection with increased scrutiny of chemicals used throughout the product lifecycle.

To reduce operating costs and improve operational efficiency, packaging and clothing businesses are outsourcing their R&D function. While internationalization of research and development has accelerated the innovation process, companies are facing intense competition due to rapid diffusion of technological advancements worldwide. Major market players are responding to the situation with new product launches, mergers and acquisitions, and expansions to ensure their growth in the market.


In addition to manufacturing and supply chain challenges, textile businesses are facing the pressure of shrinking retail margins. Customers have become more price savvy, and with a large number of alternatives available to them, they are not ready to purchase at full price. Together, all these challenges make the paper, packaging, and textile sector a highly competitive marketplace where businesses can survive only if they offer unique value to their customers.

In a highly competitive industry where success depends on a company’s ability to innovate and lead, Allen Austin helps businesses find outstanding leaders who can maximize their potential for success. As a leading retained executive search firm, we provide our client’s highly personalized service that’s tailored to their unique needs and goals. As a result, our executive search and leadership development strategies lead to the long-term benefit of clients and candidates alike.


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