For more than 27 years, Allen Austin, a renowned firm providing leadership development and executive search services, has been committed to our core mission of improving the world of work. Mission and work could not be more important in the non-profit, education, and government sectors. This broad category also includes other entities such as the arts & culture, faith-based organizations, philanthropic groups, healthcare, social justice, and advocacy. In these organizations, everything revolves around purpose. Our history in this space has been one of excellence, partnership, and consistent execution. We are intentional about helping leaders build high performance and purpose-driven organizations.

Some of the fundamental elements in these sectors that drive our lives include things like utilities, infrastructure, social care, policing, transportation, etc. As a result of increased digital transformation, shrinking budgets, rising demands from the population, threats from cybercrime and social disorder, many of these services have had to evolve.

To continue the mission critical work, these organizations must be able to navigate significant challenges including federal funding, compliance, technology, donor stewardship, and evolving constituent needs. These are only some of the hurdles they face. Each nonprofit’s mission is unique, and so are the ways they overcome obstacles and seek opportunities. The demand for these services has increased worldwide.

Despite the impediments and uncertainty related to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s inspiring to see how industry seized the urgency of the moment and accelerated the world toward the next normal. At no other time in history has so much uncertainty affected these sectors. The long-term effects of the COVID-19 virus on the human body are still yet to be known, let alone the economic and social impacts. For all the unanswered questions that are out there, we don’t have the luxury to sit around and wait. Administrators and educators must begin to ask themselves questions about the near-term and long-term economic implications.

With all the uncertainty and influx, what hasn’t changed is the need for talented individuals to serve in these sectors, especially in key leadership roles. Our consultants remain committed to supporting public service organizations. We have deep and longstanding relationships where we have built strategic frameworks to recruit, engage, and reward people. We provide solutions that help leaders navigate the challenges of the sector and seize opportunities to better serve their constituents and change the lives of others.

As one of the leading retained executive search firms serving public and private organizations globally, we have extensive experience providing executive search and leadership advisory services. We use our proprietary and personalized approach to help clients gain access to a pool of highly capable executive-level talent who have the right skills, experience, and acumen required to drive an organization’s long-term success.

Delivering on our commitments has put us at the top of our industry.

The reason:  Our executive search consultants understand that the talent needs of public institutions, nonprofit organizations, schools, and universities are entirely different from other industries as seen in our customized search and leadership strategies.


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