Facilitation Services

Our facilitation services are designed to offer fresh perspective and generate new solutions to hard-to-answer questions. By dedicating focused time to collaboration, teams can get centered around the shared goals that too often are lost in the shuffle of day-to-day work.

Allen Austin facilitates a wide range of events including offsites, retreats, workshops, and strategic planning sessions. No matter what the event is, we always begin the same way: by really getting to know the key stakeholders and evaluating the organization’s underlying needs.

Our facilitators are highly skilled at carefully setting the stage. By interviewing participants in advance, we assist in making sure the issues that need to be discussed are. Facilitations are often integrated with complementary Allen Austin offerings:



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Vanguard Leadership Dynamics Workshop

  • Used to help leaders get their employees out of the stands and into the game, helping them to develop and deliver an effective leadership message.

Organizational Health Index Follow Up

  • Used to help organizations evaluate their progress toward building a culture of peak performance, addressing issues identified during a previous Organizational Health Index.


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