Consumer Products

The core purpose of Allen Austin’s Retail & Consumer Practice is to empower the business leaders of manufacturers, retailers, distributors, and wholesalers in the consumer products and consumables sector. The executive search and leadership advisory services from Allen Austin enable those retail and consumer leaders and their organizations to prosper and flourish. The Allen Austin Retail & Consumer Practice is dedicated to building leadership teams that maximize profits and strategically navigate a consolidating and interconnected market by creating, operating, and sustaining unique, brand-defining experiences that ensure customer loyalty.

Allen Austin’s management recruiting, consulting and retained executive search services span across all industries, yet the firm has its roots in consumer products and retail. We have completed over 400 searches in this sector alone. We conduct search engagements from the VP level to the CEO and board level. Since most of our partners joined us after over twenty years of successful careers in their niche, you will enjoy the benefit of in-depth industry knowledge as well as our unique process and methodology in management recruiting, executive search and leadership development. We utilize a team approach that combines highly experienced partners. Our consumer & retail practice leaders often partner with other consultants within the firm specializing in functional areas such as finance & accounting, human resources, logistics, sales & marketing, technology, risk management, research & development, procurement, and diversity.

The Consumer & Retail Industry requires leaders who understand the changing customer’s needs, marketplace dynamics, and a strategic focus that can set their company apart from the competition. Our consumer experts help these organizations find the leaders with the skills needed to succeed in this complex and ever-changing environment.


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