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Human Capital Firms

Human Capital Firms

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The state of global employment is puzzling. While approximately 6 percent of the global workforce remains unemployed, more than 40 percent of employers continue to invest in training and development to address critical talent shortages. In such a radically shifting context, human capital firms play an important role in helping organizations recruit and retain the right talent, as well as struggle to cope with a diverse range of challenges resulting from technological advancements, evolving talent acquisition needs, and changing workforce dynamics.

In today’s technology-driven world, talent acquisition has moved far beyond traditional recruiting. Human capital firms are experimenting with new tech solutions that ensure a better job-candidate fit. From leveraging the reach offered by social networks like LinkedIn to using cognitive technologies like artificial intelligence, predictive algorithms, and machine-to-machine learning, recruiters are using a variety of ways to optimize their human resource management practices.

As finding candidates with the right skill set becomes more challenging, employers are focusing on offering an integrated employee experience to reduce turnover rates and ensure employee satisfaction. To understand the needs and expectations of employees and design a new and improved employee journey map, human capital firms are utilizing innovative pulse feedback tools, collaboration apps, and employee service platforms that move beyond traditional email to improve employee engagement and productivity.

The recent uncertainty and global politics has posed new challenges to human capital management firms. While human capital firms continue to globalize more and more of their processes, at the same time, the world is, to varying degrees, de-globalizing. Geopolitical tension between different countries have resulted in increased scrutiny of talent sourcing strategies of these firms, compelling them to develop new strategies to transfer more operations to the host country in order to show that they put emphasis on hiring local candidates first.

Automation has also left a significant impact on a number of industries. With administrative and manufacturing jobs at the greatest risk of being replaced by robots, human capital management firms are perplexed as to whether they should reduce the headcount in order to reduce costs or invest in the skills of their existing employees and prepare them for a different role.

As a renowned leader in executive search and leadership development, Allen Austin has an unparalleled depth of expertise and proven solutions to help human capital firms manage such a diverse range of challenges. Our focus is to deliver tailored solutions that have been designed keeping the unique challenges, corporate goals, and future leadership needs of an organization in consideration. We help human capital firms hire high caliber leaders who use their strategic insight and experience to reevaluate and improvise talent acquisition strategies to offer their organization a competitive edge over other industry players.