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Corporate Real Estate

Corporate Real Estate

Executive Search & Leadership Advisory

It is striking that despite geopolitical uncertainty, business confidence in the ongoing inflow of capital in real estate remains high. This investment activity is driven by a number of factors, ranging from increased focus on workforce productivity to the importance of a well-designed, smart workplace in attracting and retaining talent. As a result, the corporate real estate sector has experienced significant growth over the past few years and is expected to grow at an unprecedented rate in the upcoming years as well.

Although the outlook remains positive for companies operating within the corporate real estate sector, there are a number of challenges that may impact their future. Having being placed in the eye of the storm during the global financial crisis, corporate real estate firms are now experiencing more scrutiny from stakeholders who expect them to add more value in terms of productivity. Internal stakeholders are setting tougher performance targets for their corporate real estate teams, compelling them to seek new ways to product better outcomes at a lower cost.

To meet the performance and cost containment targets set by stakeholders, corporate real estate teams will need to embrace more sophisticated partnership models and seek assistance from third parties. Those already engaged in outsourcing will be required to reevaluate their existing partnerships and build relationships with service providers that ensure them more value at a lower cost.

Workplace transformation remains one of the most innovative and effective ways corporate real estate teams can achieve their productivity targets, as well get an edge over their competitors. The changing preferences and needs of the millennial workforce has compelled corporate real estate teams to use Big Data, analytics, and performance tracking to identify and fulfill the needs of occupants, as well as to demonstrate value.  Unfortunately, most corporate real estate firms face critical talent shortages when it comes to data analytics. To bridge the skill gap, organizations need to develop a comprehensive strategy that can help them hire the right people with the right skill set.

Allen Austin brings together deep industry experience and knowledge of delivering high-performance tailored talent solutions to a large number of businesses to help corporate real estate firms fulfill their human capital needs. Our unique approach towards leadership development and executive search focuses on recruiting the right people for the right positions.

Our focus on the corporate real estate sector means that we possess in-depth knowledge of industry trends, as well as challenges faced by our clients. As a result, we are better able to understand their leadership needs and find the best talents for critical executive-level roles.