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Communication IQ™

Communication IQ™

As a global management consulting firm, we know that quality communication between stakeholders at every level can be the difference between a peak performing culture and a toxic one. We know this both from our own experience, and from compelling statistical data.

In fact, the gap may be larger than many organizations realize: Inc reports that 91% of employees felt their leaders completely lacked communication skills.

SIS International Research tells us that 70% of small to mid-size businesses claim that ineffective communication is a primary problem. Communication issues are not just annoying; they’re also costly – businesses with 100 employees spend, on average, 17 hours a week clarifying communication – which translates to an annual cost of over $525,000.

Additionally, according to Forbes, 97% of employees and executives report that lack of alignment with teams impacts the outcome of tasks and projects.

In partnership with Life Languages International, our Leadership Advisory practice is now able to further help clients bridge the communication gap with Communication IQ™. This methodology identifies seven communication styles, known as Life Languages™, which individuals “speak” with varying degrees of fluency:

Communication IQ™ is the only tool on the market that was designed to measure communication both within a person and between people or groups of people. It is not only descriptive, but prescriptive; it builds self-awareness in individuals as they learn about their own primary languages, while offering the tools needed to improve collaboration with people whose styles may differ.

Communication IQ™ is offered as an add-on to enhance the Foresight™ Search process or available as a standalone service. Engagements often begin with a Foundations Workshop, introducing the basic ideas behind Communication IQ™. These can be further supplemented with our point-of-need workshops, which include:

  • First Line Leaders 
  • Team Dynamics & Agility  
  • Leadership & High Potential Development  
  • Sales Team Enablement
  • Diversity, Engagement & Inclusion

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