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Business Information Services

Business Information Services

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With the convergence of technology and media and the introduction of new business models, companies providing business information services are faced with a host of challenges and opportunities. The change is driven by a combination of factors, including the recent shift from paper to platform, proliferation of handheld devices, and introduction of new technologies and tools to create and distribute content.

Traditionally, the B2B information services market has enjoyed an average margin of about 25 percent. However, the ongoing digital transformation has changed the rules of engagement, compelling companies providing business information services to rethink their processes in order to stay competitive.

Business professionals today demand an anytime-anywhere access to content. As a result, customer-centric businesses have given up paper, and developed business portals that offer their readers a single-source solution to access news, support tools, and research reports. This shift from paper to platform has prompted many publishers to reinvent their strategy with a focus on digital media.

Although decreased demand for print resources translates into reduced advertising sales, there are a number of strategies that B2B publishers can adopt to operate profitably. It is important for companies providing business information services to take advantage of all digital and print channels in order to become a trusted source of informed content. They should focus on developing high-value content that’s not available anywhere else to build credibility and establish themselves as industry leaders.

Mergers and acquisitions remain another viable strategy for B2B publishers that want to expand their expertise and explore the potential of collaboration. As B2B information businesses grow, or as companies merge, they will need to invest in flexible, highly capable IT platforms that can be scaled easily to offer the same level of mass customization and speed as the volume of customers using them grows.

B2B publishers need to ask themselves what capabilities they need to embrace change and stay competitive. Attracting and retaining top talent in various disciplines, from journalism to BI and predictive analysis, can serve as a platform for growth for B2B publishers and help them ensure their relevance in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

At Allen Austin, we believe that to survive and thrive in an evolving marketplace, B2B publishers must take a close look at their organizational structure and their skill set to determine if they are adequately positioned to meet the current and future needs of their business.  We provide customized executive search and leadership development solutions to B2B information businesses that are designed to bridge talent gaps and drive growth.

As a leading executive search firm, Allen Austin helps organizations determine whether or not their resources match their needs and devise a unique talent solution that leaves an immediate impact on their workforce productivity and performance.