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When Opportunities Don’t Knock, Create Your Own

February 28, 2020

You have heard the saying from Seneca over and over again: “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” Many people agree, while others believe that luck has nothing to do with it. Regardless, there are opportunities all around us, every single day. If you believe that, then you are more likely to take advantage of them when they appear. The key is that we have to learn to recognize and identify opportunities, and then be ready and prepared to seize them.

Opportunities, whether in business or in life, don’t just show up at your door. They don’t just call you on the phone, or send you an e-mail. You have to be proactive so that the opportunities know that you are looking for them and that you want to be found. You have to put yourself out there so that when opportunities arise, you are one of the first people to meet them.

Often times, even if you are ready and you prepare well, opportunities still might not come your way. In those cases, you have to create them on your own. You have to do whatever you can to let the world know who you are, what your true value is, and how you intend to make a difference in the world. Today, there are many ways to be proactive, and many resources that you have at your disposal, from social media, to networking, to advanced marketing. Whatever you haven’t tried, try it. Find out what works for you, so that you give yourself the chance to get the breaks that you deserve.

One of the most exciting things that can happen to you is when someone refers business to you. That is an opportunity that was created by your value and effectiveness. If you treat people and conduct your business the right way, you will be surprised how many opportunities come your way. That is an example of you creating opportunities without even trying to. Opportunities present themselves in many ways, but the most satisfying and rewarding ones are those that appear because of your preparation and the standards that you live by.

Life is too short for you not to go out there and grab what you want. Opportunities for success and happiness are always available; you just have to want to see them and then be relentless in your pursuit of them. If a great opportunity comes your way, you owe it to yourself to find out as much as you can about it, and determine whether it is right for you. If you feel that there are no real opportunities for you at any given time, go and create your own. Let others know what you want and what you can do. Don’t wait for opportunities or you’ll be waiting forever. Be active to the point where not succeeding is not an option. The world is waiting for you and for your contributions. Opportunities are everywhere. Take one or make one, just don’t be left without one.